You cannot escape dick art. Elementary schools? There are gonna be dicks scrawled on desks, walls, windows ...

Junior high? Dicks and balls.

High school? Yeah.

Penises are everywhere.

By adulthood, serious artists get more graphic and more detailed with their penis art, but they still do it.

That's not even counting the number of men inundating women with unsolicited dick picks every fucking hour of every fucking day.

But yeah.

Women are obsessed with our genitals.

Sure, bro.

Man draws penis: “hurr durr so funny 😂 lads lads lads 🤣” Woman draws vulva: “oh god here comes the humourless feminist”

Gynocentric? The audacity of these losers!

I mean, I'd like me some gynocentrism. Let's make even more art and everyday objects gynocentric! Woohoo power to the vulvas

My comment was more in relation to the tone-- like it was a bad thing that women had the gall to make art in the style we see fit.

I must've missed the part where women stick labia on their trucks or drew a vulva on Mars 🤭

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The projection is especially, um, tumescent, even throbbing here.... if you gets me.

Dear Idiot making original claim: Please get back to me when you've begun to notice Women—or, hell, even ONE of us—hitting 'send' on an astoundingly awkward photo of a completely disembodied mons and vulva, cast in a jaundiced and sickly yellowish faux-incandescent light, with a few randomly placed, litetally dented (🤷🏽‍♀️) hairs that combine to spell out a coded message saying, "What's a 'hygiene'? Never heard of that"... with literally nothing else in the picture to provide the crudest idea of scale, meaning that even those kinds of Women who tell EVERY boy "omg it's so big" can't go there this time baha....
...all sent in genuinely complete ignorance of how ridiculous, and also physically fucking repugnant, both the photo and the sender are. According to literally everybody, you stupid wanksock.

Just saying, those only seem to have come from males so far. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Maybe I'm just not frequenting the right places.

By "their" that asshole meant all women. It was a post from men circlejerking about how women are shallow and dumb.

Image Transcription: Twitter

remi, @ lesserafemm

men are the ones drawing their genitalia on every surface since ancient times and we're genitalia obsessed because of some niché feminist art? oh c'mon


this is why their art is generally gynocentric

[A photograph of an Asian woman holding up a cushion in front of her nose and mouth. The cushion is decorated with the image of a vulva wreathed in leaves and flowers.]