They're getting their asses shredded in the comments.

British TERFs give me life, they latch on like fucking pitbulls and won't stop 🤣 get em ladies

I’m booted from Twitter

What comments are your favorite?

I could use a good cackle today

My fave one is kind of mean/body shame-y but I still laughed:

"Imagine being one of the women in your 50s working here and being told by a blue-haired whale that you must refer to "them/they/zir" or you'll lose your job of 20 years"

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speaking of pit bulls, I got a Like from @​belstaffie on twitter (where pitbull = staffie, hah) and it totally gave me this "You Have Arrived" kinda glow for a while🤩

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Ugh. I hate when banks of all businesses do this political, controversial shit.

Having a safe place to handle your entire life savings is a little different than deciding which fast food joint you want to hit up on the way home. Closing your bank account requires jumping through quite a few hoops (when is my paycheck supposed to get deposited? Now I gotta update that info at work...) I'm sure this dickhead knows that most people aren't going to go through the hassle of changing banks because they disagree with trans ideology, and THAT'S why he's so cocky.

Plus there are some populations, like 20% of black households, who have lower rates of bank account ownership and the banking community is trying to change that. Lots of people distrust banks in general. Deliberately alienating potential account holders is NOT a good look for a bank.

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I don't disagree with your comment. But clearly there are enough people who GAF enough to switch.

Halifax will learn the hard way.

Although, no doubt they will then view themselves as a purer bank for having purged themselves of the bigoted people who know what biological sex is and care about it.

Closing an account with them is flipping impossible, I've been trying to close one with 60p in it for year's 😂

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Say you're a TERF and that should resolve that problem pretty quick 😂

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Ha yeah, I don't want to open my account up on Twitter as I tend to tweet quite personal thoughts but seems it's another good reason to write to them with a complaint and to reiterate my request

Tell them this on Twitter

Ask them to help your adult human female self close out the damned account

Let me guess: This is another one where the social media person is "running amok" and they will walk that back once the backlash reaches people at the bank who can actually decide things.

Would not surprise me, at least. That happened before, it was something with a newspaper where the woke social media manager claimed that they weren't accepting ads from certain "transphobic" companies anymore or something like that.

[–] immersang 4 points Edited

Yes! That's what I meant, thank you! So, the other way around actually than what I thought I remembered. It was the social media person from the company saying they wouldn't put ads into the newspaper anymore.

Which is incredible, when you think about it. Why would anyone who's just been hired to tweet about two-for-one offers and respond to complaints about dirty lettuces or whatever, think that they have the authority to say the company won't advertise in a given publication anymore? Or to tell presumably valued account holders to close their accounts and sod off? Seems almost like deliberate career suicide. I can only imagine the "power" of tweeting from a blue-tick account goes completely to their heads.

[–] hmimperialtortie 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 16 points

Right, everyone close their accounts and watch these morons go broke.

Since when have business cared so much about the thoughts and political leanings of their customers? And this is the stupidest issue of all.

I know there were a couple of places that said no MAGA hats, but that's it and banks weren't saying it.

I sure hope my bank will never come out with such stupidity.

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Bye 👋 I should add that this was a direct response to a customer.


Image Transcription: Twitter


Halifax, @ HalifaxBank

Pronouns matter. #ItsAPeopleThing

[PHOTO: A name badge on a suit with the Halifax logo. It reads, "Gemma (she/her/hers)"]

Halifax, @ HalifaxBank

Hi, I'm Lee. At Halifax, we strive for inclusion and equality. Giving our colleagues the option to add their pronouns on their badge, helps to create an inclusive environment for our customers and colleagues.

Halifax @ HalifaxBank

We strive for inclusion, equality and quite simply, in doing what’s right. If you disagree with our values, you’re welcome to close your account.
^ AndyM



Halifax @ HalifaxBank

You can close your account by calling us on 0345 720 3040 or putting your request in writing to:

Halifax Account Closure Team,
PO Box 548,
LS1 1WU.

^ AndyM

And in another reply,

Hi, I'm Lee. We want to create a safe and accepting environment that opens the conversation around gender identity. We care about our customers and colleagues individual preferences. For us, it’s a very simple solution to accidental misgendering.

Why is a bank trying to open a conversation around gender identity with its customers.

This is my question. How much face to face contact does an individual have either with bank staff or other customers. Just who is this supposed to serve and how? Banking has traditionally been very conservative (in the non-political meaning) because customer trust is a big deal. How is this increasing the trust of any customers of any demographic?

It would be fabulous if enough people closed accounts to create a numbers blip that the executives noticed. That would be interesting. But as others pointed out, changing banks is a hassle. But what kind of business drives customers away?

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The banks should be more concerned about £1 trying to identify as 50p.

[–] bellatrixbells BoobatrixRex 2 points

Plus, he's not trying to open any sort of conversation as he is not interested in hearing the opposite point of view. He's hoping to dictate his views.

And also he obviously doesn't care about his customers' and colleagues' individual preferences as he's trying to force people to use demanded pronouns.

But doesn't this out closeted trans people hmm? I thought that was a no no /s

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If this bank also backs credit cards, I'd charge up some good-priced purchases on one, and then I would present at a branch and self-ID as transphobic—with a polite request that the bank please close that line of credit.

Because that way, they'd have to eat the current balance amount as a writeoff—something that Chase did with ALL of its Canadian credit card accounts before packing up, making one last forlorn and memory-dense Timbits run, and then leaving Canada for good (...like the Stanley Cup bahahaha! Thirty straight years of U.S. champs eh?)

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