How little acknowlegdement

I feel like outside of this site, every second goddamn post is bringing up tRanSmen and AfAb nOnbinaRies. Women who know that they're women, on the other hand, don't get acknowledged as anything except womb-carriers or mensturators.

The "so little acknowledgement" means they've still seen the word 'woman' spoken out there, somewhere, that wasn't used to refer to a male but rather people who meet the criteria for inclusion in the category of 'women.' And that must be stopped.

We deserve our fate for still ~identifying~ as women; they deserve to be centered for being superior and opting out. I fucking hate this time line. God how is this reality.

Apparently this crap has officially fried my last working brain cell because I just sat here trying to figure out what a t-Ran S man could possibly be 💀