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God. I went to protest right outside the Supreme Court and they couldn’t stop shouting every other sentence ‘this affects more than just women! Trans men and nonbinaries are hurt too!” And calling women people with uterus’s.

Like shut the fuck up. What would happen if white people went to a BLM protest about police brutality and shouted ‘this affects more than just black people! Don’t exclude us, you bigots!” And then they demanded we erase the word black from the conversation to prevent triggered transracial white people from realizing they aren’t black cause they aren’t actually being discriminated against for ‘feeling black’.

Race isn’t something you can identify in and out of, and neither is sex. And trying to make a movement inclusive to everyone renders it useless and ineffective. If we can’t plainly name the group being affected/targeted by an issue, we can’t do a thing to change it.