How little acknowlegdement

I feel like outside of this site, every second goddamn post is bringing up tRanSmen and AfAb nOnbinaRies. Women who know that they're women, on the other hand, don't get acknowledged as anything except womb-carriers or mensturators.

The "so little acknowledgement" means they've still seen the word 'woman' spoken out there, somewhere, that wasn't used to refer to a male but rather people who meet the criteria for inclusion in the category of 'women.' And that must be stopped.

We deserve our fate for still ~identifying~ as women; they deserve to be centered for being superior and opting out. I fucking hate this time line. God how is this reality.

Apparently this crap has officially fried my last working brain cell because I just sat here trying to figure out what a t-Ran S man could possibly be 💀

I'm so tired of them pretending to be so afflicted and oppressed while they're literally setting women's rights back a hundred years.

This is the fault of men, including these foul men in dresses larping as women. They destroy women's lives and then complain that they aren't centered enough in the process. The exetreme narcissism. The absolute gall.

Oh the fucking irony of that last part:

The language we use matters, failure to do so only contributes to erasure and exclusion.

Indeed, in this case WOMEN. Fucking hell, mate.

Nah, Munroe tells us not to mention the female body as female. And in any case, I do not believe in the gender identity church, so 'women' for me covers those groups who have tried to exclude themselves from being women.

Munroe wants 'woman' to be defined as 'trans woman'.

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God. I went to protest right outside the Supreme Court and they couldn’t stop shouting every other sentence ‘this affects more than just women! Trans men and nonbinaries are hurt too!” And calling women people with uterus’s.

Like shut the fuck up. What would happen if white people went to a BLM protest about police brutality and shouted ‘this affects more than just black people! Don’t exclude us, you bigots!” And then they demanded we erase the word black from the conversation to prevent triggered transracial white people from realizing they aren’t black cause they aren’t actually being discriminated against for ‘feeling black’.

Race isn’t something you can identify in and out of, and neither is sex. And trying to make a movement inclusive to everyone renders it useless and ineffective. If we can’t plainly name the group being affected/targeted by an issue, we can’t do a thing to change it.

Oh! She’s right! I haven’t seen trans and nb mentioned at all in this abortion discussion. And it’s so helpful that she put FACT in capitals, helping me to understand that it is, in fact, a fact and not PURE FUCKING DELUSION.

I guess I can agree with that last sentence, though.

The only thing she left out is the excessive hand clap emojis, which also make things true on the internet.

They’re already acknowledged under “women.” Claiming not to be a woman doesn’t make it true. “AFAB non binary people”…I truly don’t understand why we’re expected to take this crap seriously.

Don’t you have a Very Important Penis to jack off? You take care of that and we’ll deal with our female bodies. Thanks!

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