Love that he doesn't even try to refute you, just goes 'oh you're a TERF'

Is a TERF anyone at all that disagrees with them?

Because plenty of people that are definitely not radical feminists have criticisms with the rhetoric.

It's a genuine question .

Yeah, he couldn't win in dms, so he posted them to the server that I liked to get me banned there. It worked unfortunately and that's when I decided to come here since I keep getting called a terf, despite being male and not even sticking to any political group. But apparently thinking men are male and women are female is radical nowdays.

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"That is what scientists use to study this shit"

Uhh... Tinder? So TIMs are like specimens getting observed in the wild? In any case, ok, I'm a fucking terf. You're still not getting laid, dude.

I am not
What definition am I switching?
Pepperoni is a vegetable
Pizza is a fruit
Pepperoni pizza is an healthy vegan option
Science says so

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All I got is that I go to bed every night pleased to know that no matter what they say about themselves, a scrote will always be a scrote and I won't fuck one because my body isn't attracted to men. :)