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It's funny that banks are pushing gender ideology so hard, when these institutions tend to have at least a 30% wage gap between male and female workers. (In 2021, HSBC had a 54% wage gap!) I'm well out of the woo but, if banks are truly sincere in this, I'd encourage all women who work for them to identify as men and request a wage that reflects that. If they don't cough up, sue 'em for discrimination! 😜

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Ah but you see, gender ideology will allow the banks to "close the gender pay gap completely" by just overpaying TIMs... perhaps a factor in their support?
Not actually kidding SMH

Now that you mention it, that does make a lot of sense! Even if banks don't have any TIMs in their ranks, now that self-ID is being pushed everywhere, they could probably get away with getting a few highly-paid blokes to say they're trans in order to fudge the numbers. :(

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Funny that these institutions have never made such statements for any other "minority", isn't it?

This is so insidious.

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