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It's funny that banks are pushing gender ideology so hard, when these institutions tend to have at least a 30% wage gap between male and female workers. (In 2021, HSBC had a 54% wage gap!) I'm well out of the woo but, if banks are truly sincere in this, I'd encourage all women who work for them to identify as men and request a wage that reflects that. If they don't cough up, sue 'em for discrimination! 😜

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Ah but you see, gender ideology will allow the banks to "close the gender pay gap completely" by just overpaying TIMs... perhaps a factor in their support?
Not actually kidding SMH

Now that you mention it, that does make a lot of sense! Even if banks don't have any TIMs in their ranks, now that self-ID is being pushed everywhere, they could probably get away with getting a few highly-paid blokes to say they're trans in order to fudge the numbers. :(

Yep, just like Halifax they're getting called out for the disparities in their gender wage gaps.

Everyone fucking knows which sex to pay lower wages.

Yup, everyone always knows which sex it's acceptable to exploit, regardless of how they "identify". TIFs need to wake up and work with us against our sex-based oppression, rather than acting like issues that affect women exclusively affect ~everyone~ (including non-men)! πŸ™„

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Even the most blatant examples of conservative-voting insatiable capitalist greed keep putting a woke graduate in charge of their social media accounts.

It's a good distraction from the massive bonuses and executive salaries that bankers are leeching from even a failing economy while everyone else suffers.

Funny that these institutions have never made such statements for any other "minority", isn't it?

This is so insidious.

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We stand with and support any bank or organisation that joins us in taking this positive step forward for equality and inclusion. It's vital that everyone can be themselves in the workplace. ❀️

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