It was hard to pick flair between “Testerical” and “Literally Murder” but this comparison is so hilarious and insane I had to pick the latter. Stay mad, sir

They themselves made it anti-trans though... by pretending people declaring a gender erases the reality of their sex. lmao, like this is on them.

Female doesn’t have “multiple definitions” the way you want it to. It doesn’t include males

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"Actual women are literally nazis!!!"

Give me a break.

These idiots are truly ignorant. The Buddhist swatstika is not even the same as the Nazi swatstika. The Buddhist one is reverse in direction. Also the Nazis appropriated the symbol. No one appropriated the definition of women. It has been the same definition until these assholes came along and try to redefine it into something totally meaningless.

Buddhist/Hindu/Jain/etc. swastikas actually can go either way, and technically Nazis used a few variations of swastikas also going both ways. Swastikas were used by almost every culture, including Jews. It's like taking a smiley face or a peace sign if those were ancient.

It's not a symbol of hate, and I wish people would start using it again the way we used to. The Nazis are a brief blip in the history of the human race. The only reason they've kept a symbol of auspiciousness for themselves is because a misinformed Eurocentric attitude has let them monopolize it in the West. I don't really believe in "reclaiming" slurs, but the swastika needs to be divorced from Nazis.

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I don’t agree with this overall. Do I wish the swastika hadn’t been taken by the Nazis? Yes of course. Are we still living in a world with Holocaust survivors, direct descendants of Holocaust survivors who experienced use of the symbol at its worst and also neo nazis who still use the symbol? Also yes. Let’s not reclaim this one.

It's not a symbol of hate? Tell that to Holocaust survivors. Tell that to my Jewish family who had it scrawled on our tombstones, school books, doors and windows.

It absolutely is a symbol of hate and if I see someone using it I will throw hands.

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So you’d stop a Buddhist or Hindu practitioner from using the symbol? You’d react the same way as the people in this news story?


Edited since I sorted out my thoughts: I do agree with you that it’s a symbol of hate. In one context. Suggesting it does or should represent a universal symbol of hate is downright dismissive of South/East Asian religions (whether you support their teachings or not) and a clear statement that their history is less important than the West’s history.

By all means, eye someone who’s not from one of those religions and unabashedly using it with suspicion. It’s only inevitable you’d have a kneejerk reaction to it given you’ve been on the receiving end of its usage as a symbol of so much vileness. But generally, if it’s in rendered in gold and not in the matrix of red, black, and white, square instead of tilted on an axis like a diamond, and you know, constructed in the pre-Nazi era, that’s a strong indication of which way to read it.

It's the symbol of the Jain religion which is so dedicated to non-violence that monks and nuns won't eat root vegetables because digging in the ground harms creatures that live in the soil. It's not a symbol of hate.

LMAO, female used to be a harmless word…and now it is a NAZI DOG WHISTLE!!! Unless I am using non-logic to try to suggest that TIMs are literally female, then it retains its old meaning

…it hurts my head

I love how there are supposedly “multiple definitions” of female. Ha! I’m sure one of them must include dicks, right?