Those are called stage names lol but I guess that applies to Ellen too. Elliot Page is her stage name as she pretends to be a man.

And yet TRAs don't treat it like a stage name. If they did, Peterson (as much of an asshole as he can be) would still be on the site, and so would feminists who refuse to kowtow to genderwoo newspeak or "respect muh pronouns". There wouldn't be a Wikipedia style guide that bans people from the site for writing "Born as: Thomas Schneider" or "Born as: Richard Levine." You can't even say "a/k/a" or "the artist formerly known as". People with stage names may change them legally in court, but they don't get to change their birth certificate. This person is drawing a ridiculous false equivalency that isn't the mindfuck of the deadname concept at all.