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PCOS does not deepen you voice. It does not make you look masculine. It does not cause T levels anywhere near male levels. PCOS does not make you a lesbian or trans.

Yeah, truth. I guess she's traumatized from not considering herself conventionally attractive. It drives some women into camp trans

This is such a truly sad cope.

…when it’s easier and more acceptable to just say fuck it and call yourself a man than it is to push for advancement in women’s health.

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And it’s such an odd cope, too. Being overweight doesn’t make you gender less, it creates more body mass in the areas that your sex puts body fat (breasts, thighs, etc), and PCOS mostly works with body hair, which even then doesn’t hide your facial femaleness. She’s clearly in her own bubble.

Not to be 'that person' but I can't be the only one who can see the female socialization in the way this message was typed, even despite the author claiming to have never been exposed to such socialization.

Oh, everyone is exposed to it. You'd have to be born on a deserted island not to be. They're full of shit.

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Good point, she’s talking about defying the very stereotypes she says were never instilled in her.

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She had to wear leggings with dresses because she didn’t sit with her knees together? What the hell sort of dresses was she wearing, and what happened to the “never taught feminine way to sit” claim? If she was so dudely she wouldn’t give a damn who saw her crotch.

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Wow, a real life, not like other girls.

She (probably written by a he) has never been mistaken for a woman.

“I’m really lucky in that regard”.

Lies and more lies.

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It sounds to me like she's genuinely uncomfortable with being gender non conforming so she decided she was a man. It's okay to not tick society's boxes for being a woman.

Ok, let' s assume that it' s not always obvious... so what?

These people always talk like making a mistake means that 1) they actually are what they disguise themselves as, 2) that upon learning that the person we just adressed with their preferred pronouns accidentally is actually the other sex, we will suddenly realize that they are true [insert their gender identity here] and behave accordingly, even though our argument is and has always been that it doesn' t matter one bit how you look like and that the important part is what you actually are and 3) that just because one person out of 100 passes, then we' re supposed to ignore the huge numbers of the ones who don' t.