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He's implying that we can't spot these wolves in sheep's clothing from a mile away. There has only been one time in my life where I was genuinely confused by another adult's gender but that was easily resolved when I actually heard her talk and interacted with her. Tall women are women. Women with facial hair are women. Women in pants are women. Men are not women.

It's in the walk, to be honest. I can spot the sex of someone in a movie about a masked intruder climbing to the roof in darkness. There must be a few exceptions, but humans (and especially female humans) are very good at spotting sex. That's why preferred pronoun stuff is so difficult as you are asked to hold to opposite things in your mind at the same time, i.e., what you see and what you are told you see.

I think English should get rid of the gendered pronouns. There are languages where they don't exist so it's possible to do so. Then nobody would need to put any to their email heading.

Grammatical neutrality always, always results in female invisibility. Every time.

I know as an evil TERF I spend much of my day assaulting other women for wearing pants or rockabilly styles in women's bathrooms.

Come the hell on, dude, this reaching is absolutely pathetic. And yes, there are some women with features that raise questions, and that suspicion has been heightened because your invasive asses keep trying to camouflage yourselves as us (and no, you don't pass) and inviting yourselves into places that aren't for you and where you aren't welcome. And that sucks for those women. But the thing is, they still act like women in these spaces, and these spaces still exist for them too, while you act like creepy men who refuse to respect women's boundaries. So stop trying to sneak in, leave us the hell alone, and let actual women who are physically ambiguous enjoy some relief from the scrutiny your crappy behavior provokes.

Again, just to clarify this GC woman's position: if you are male, you know, the XY-chromosomed-bepenised-ball-bedecked-sperm-producing sex, stay out of female spaces. Removing your penis doesn't make you female, it makes you the human equivalent of a gelding (and neovaginas aren't real vaginas and don't make you female, and the 'magic of estrogen' lies in your ability to delude yourselves). Continuing to sneak in in spite of this is peak male behavior.

So upset that he’ll never “pass” that he wants to convince himself that actual women don’t either. Lol. For fuck sake.

"Nobody knows who is trans."

Sorry not sorry, dude, but women know who is a fraud and who is not.

Also, nobody is trans. The very concept is a thought-terminating cliché and an outright scam.

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Also, nobody is trans. The very concept is a thought-terminating cliché and an outright scam.

Note that he never mentioned "sex" anywhere in here. None of these things invalidates womanhood. It just goes to show how myopic TIMs are that they think "short hair," "athleticism," "being tall," etc. is enough to disqualify a woman from being a woman. And then deflect to say "oh, but this is what those right-wing bigots think, we're on your side!" -- well, actually, no you're not. TIMs are themselves misogynistic bigots, and TRA is a restrictive religion, so it only follows that they'd have the same line of thinking as, say, Mitch McConnell.

Women with short hair... Women with pronounced facial features - is this not a list of women who are sick of being asked for their pronouns?