Yes and then the female cops and the inmates all fondled your girldick and showed you their boobies 💕💕💕

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And then everyone clapped

All the police officers and jailed women gave a standing ovation, and the women shouted "omg you're so much more feminine than we are!", and all the straight policemen wanted to sleep with the ultra-womanly TiM, and then he received a "sexiest jailed lady inmate ever, TiMs rool TERFs drool" award.

Then they had a makeover party, followed by a pillow fight which of course turned into a lesbian orgy and then all the prison bars clapped

This is propaganda. The Geneva Convention states the women prisoners are not to be jailed with male prisoners. This is yet another attempt to make something hinky seem wholesome. The women are hostages with a red beam on their foreheads.

But seriously, stop making this shit wholesome.

The Geneva Convention agreements do not apply to civilian prisoners in non-wartime settings nor to domestic civil rights issues.


I, obviously, do not believe that males should be housed with female prisoners and in fact, I find it a complete outrage and have contacted my local reps in Canada about it.

I know that, but the point is people came together on a global level to make separating men and women in confinement a basic standard.

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made friends with a lesbian

She's not your friend. She's pitying you, scared of you, or just trying to get through her time in lockup without you exploding on her for transphobia.

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That lesbian is me when I spent time with Tims and gays because they were the less likely to rape me in a super conservative town party. Never believed they were women though.

Lol. "I am pre-everything and everyone can see my gender soul! 😭😭😭" I'm not even confident the drinking was real. Sad.

I think he must’ve consumed something a lot stronger than alcohol to have made up this delusion lmao.

This does not sound legitimate in the slightest. Probably some dream he had that he wants to pretend was a real thing that happened.

The women who were around me protested, I remember one of them specifically saying “that’s a grown ass woman”. That felt nice.

......mm hmm.

Sigh. I'm pessimistic enough to believe this could happen though, through ridiculous levels of naive Be Kind handmaidenry.

If I could think of one group of women who absolutely could not give less of a shit about trans stuff at the moment, it would be women in a jail. Just saying.

The stories told always have one main character and then an adoring chorus of handmaidens whose only function in the story is to validate and affirm and applaud. It's weird to see that pattern repeated so often, from Laurel Hubbard via Lia Thomas to stories like this one.

I don't get the need to enforce affirmation by everyone else. If you truly believe that you are whatever you identify as, why would it matter what other people think?

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you don'tunderstand! If we don't validate them they literally cease to exist it's literal MURDER!

Image transcription: r/MtF

Jail was an oddly gender affirming experience

So I spent Friday night in jail for a DWI. Can’t justify it and I’m not proud of it but it is what it is.

They had the men and women divided and they weren’t allowed to talk to each other. My name and gender haven’t been legally changed so I just assumed that they would treat me like a man. But they sat me with the women.

At one point one cop tried to move me to the men’s section. So I went and sat over there for a moment but then the cop came back and apologized and said I could go back. The women who were around me protested, I remember one of them specifically saying “that’s a grown ass woman”. That felt nice.

I made friends with a lesbian who had fought a cop or something (very based).

When they were getting ready to release me, a cop who I had never interacted with brought a group of us to another area and she told the males to line up against one wall and the females to line too against another. And again I wasn’t trying to make a fuss so I started to line up with the men, but then she was like “ma’am I said to line up against that wall”

All in all a pretty shitty experience but strangely validating