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We've caught more TRA pretending to be GC than the other way around. See various pinned posts on this circle for instance.

The most famous instance of a GC pretending to be a vile TRA had thousands of actual TRA agreeing with their posts.

Projection, and more projection.

Also the fatherfucker has since been revealed as a real ass person. So gfy ta

Image Transcription: Twitter

Dr. Veronica Ivy, @ SportIsARight

The alleged 'trans' account had basically no followers or people they followed. This looks MUCH more likely to be some transphobe sockpuppetting as a trans person. Hence, a false flag thing...which we've caught them doing MANY times.

J.K. Rowling, @ jk_rowling

My family's address (covered), a pipe bomb and a picture of a bomb-making handbook. The account remains active, naturally. #BeKind

Shane, @ fuckfinegael