This dude said under his own name, or one of his own names, that he wants “TERFs” to “die in a grease fire.”

Is he a false flag too?

If he is, he’s done excellent work for the cause. Thanks, TERF bro!

Hey “Veronica” if someone says they’re trans, they are! How dare you say they’re just pretending, they’re as valid as any real trans person!

Oh so it's okay for them to call other transpeople liars and fakers... but when anyone else does it it's TrAnSpHoBiC. Hey listen pal, Shane/a is VALID ok? End 👏 of 👏 debate

Veronica Ivy is a male.

How do I know? By the preposterous justifications he has when it comes to violence threatened by a man, one of his own.

Not much different that the men defending depp or any other wife beater. Or the dumbos that shout that Miles Bridges (the NBA player that beat his wife to a pulp) is innocent because she probably hurled herself on the stairs to try to... 🤡 Frame him🤡

I read in the news today that the account belongs to Shane Murray (male who lives NI and recently reactivated his account after coming out as trans) and the matter is being investigated.

I understand that the police are investigating so we will find out if it was a falsified account. Veronica Ivy lives in a different reality where all facts are upside down, though.

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We've caught more TRA pretending to be GC than the other way around. See various pinned posts on this circle for instance.

The most famous instance of a GC pretending to be a vile TRA had thousands of actual TRA agreeing with their posts.

Projection, and more projection.

Also the fatherfucker has since been revealed as a real ass person. So gfy ta

Image Transcription: Twitter

Dr. Veronica Ivy, @ SportIsARight

The alleged 'trans' account had basically no followers or people they followed. This looks MUCH more likely to be some transphobe sockpuppetting as a trans person. Hence, a false flag thing...which we've caught them doing MANY times.

J.K. Rowling, @ jk_rowling

My family's address (covered), a pipe bomb and a picture of a bomb-making handbook. The account remains active, naturally. #BeKind

Shane, @ fuckfinegael