Comments are full of strawman shit like "it's so creepy that TERFs say the moment you get your period, you're a woman" and "wHaT aBoUt iNfeRtiLe AFABs" you fucknuts, THE FEMALE SEX is the ONLY SEX that can get PREGNANT. That applies to WOMEN AND GIRLS. INFERTILE WOMEN AND GIRLS ARE STILL FEMALE AND ARE STILL OPPRESSED ON THE BASIS OF THEIR BIOLOGICAL SEX. They're not miraculously safe from VAWG just because they can't get pregnant!!


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sara murder house flip on quibi, @ boneysoups

plenty of reasons to use ‘people’ instead of ‘women’ wrt: abortion rights for example a pregnant 13 year old isn’t a woman

FFICCD, @ girlsonweb

It’s a girl, that’s why we say women and girls

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"it's so creepy that TERFs say the moment you get your period, you're a woman"

We say over and over that a woman is an adult human female. Adult is defined by the legal age of majority. They're the ones defending 40-year-old men who call themselves "girls."

By their twisted logic, I'm at best about to be a girl again or perhaps even will be a man soon, due to my march of progress towards menopause.

They've literally said that. You will be a man once you go through menopause.

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Right???? We aren’t the ones saying periods make you a woman rather than a girl. I think these idiots fell asleep watching game of thrones or some shit.

Their "check mate, TERFs!!" whataboutisms is the most pathetic shit i've ever seen.

This is some real low IQ stuff.

She’s not making the point she thinks she is, and it’s super embarrassing.

Girls, who are legally and emotionally still children, have historically been forced to mature before their male counterparts. A period might not literally make a girl a woman, but it gives a girl the potential to have a problem that should, by all rights, only be something that is an adult’s concern.

If a child is paying all their family’s bills, it doesn’t mean that the child should have to. It doesn’t mean that the child’s acting career or whatever is subsidizing it is ethical. That child still deserves choices in the matter; they should be allowed to quit acting or ask their parents or their doctor for help. The same is true for a child put in the position of an adult wrt pregnancy, and when I hear “woman” I am not prevented from thinking also of the children who are forced to grow up too fast and assume premature and unfair responsibilities.

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Odd how the impregnated and raped people have always a vagina and womb, and the impregnators and rapers have always a penis.

"We are all the same! (◕ᴗ◕✿)"

Such classy people. Weaponizing the rape and impregnation of a little girl by an adult man to erase women.

This moron could not even find a way to make it make sense in the scope of being friendly to trans people, they had to reach for a technicality "WELL A YOUNG GIRL ACTUALLY ISN'T A WOMAN, SOOO...." huh??

UK, Equality Act 2010 says

"woman" [is defined as] as "a female of any age"