He knows the difference, he just wants to gaslight women into believing he doesn't. He's lying.

I love Eva Kurilova. She's so clever and she takes no prisoners.

Now he’s saying his point was that GC women do the same to TIM’s…that we see them commenting on liking an outfit or something and we’re the ones making it sexual.

Dude, have you not seen Reddit?

[–] SakuraBlossoms transheight 7'3" 9 points Edited

Wtf is wrong with these men? They win a few bucks on a lottery ticket or get hired for a new job and get erect? Of course not, they're just blatantly lying when they pretend they can't tell the difference between fetish-based arousal and regular, non-sexual excitement. The AGP is also showing by his association of finding a bra = sexual. He can't imagine being an actual woman and not seeing a bra as fetish gear.

Exactly. What she means is she found a comfortable, well-fitting and supportive bra.

He's just a perve.

Colin’s an idiot. I’ve never seen him tell the truth about a single thing.

Only reason I would be excited to find a good bra is because I am an uncommon size (I can only order online, which makes it even harder since I can't try on anything first), and I have a lot of fabric sensitivities due to being autistic. It can be difficult to find a good bra for women that don't have uncommon sizes or fabric sensitivities, either. Only big difference is, none of us are getting horny about this object of clothing. I wouldn't even wear a bra otherwise, I just have to for work or when I'm trying to look "professional". Anytime I've ever seen TiMs post about bras and boobs (which has unfortunately been a lot of times on social media), it's pretty much always fetish and misogyny mixed into one. Getting horny, uwu-ing, talking about how they're such cute girls!!! Always typical AGP bullshit. They don't understand that no women act this way. We don't get turned on by our boobs or by articles of clothing we wear.

Does he stalk Eva? He frequently seems to comment on her posts, I find thats usually typical of MRA's who are trying to own you.

[–] BlackCirce enby jinping 3 points

He’s angry because she’s popular, funny, a lesbian, no drama, won’t shut up, can’t be fired and not anonymous.

insert the manga, boy looking at butterfly, says "is this a X" meme here.

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