Translated into non-stupid words:

Western society makes women do more of the work around raising children. You all act like considering the life experience of female straight people is the best way to understand how this works. When really, you need to consider the experiences of men who pretend to be women to understand it fully.

Oh, so an MRA argument but with more pseudo-intellectual jargon. Got it!

Thanks. I see that many academic terms and my eyes go blank.

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Trans ideology is neither feminist not materialist. Words. Mean. Things.

People need to realize that they don't sound intelligent when they speak like that. They look like pretentious fools.

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Smart people who have smart points try to be as clear and concise as possible. The only time people resort to padding out their sentences like that is to try to cover up the complete lack of substance.

"If I had more time I would have written you a shorter letter" is the sort of sentiment I've heard.

This exactly! I just feel embarrassed if I use a word others don’t know the meaning of, the point of speaking is to communicate with others surely?

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That reminds me of when I wrote to a historian about something I didn’t understand in one of his books. Far from doing the “you’re not smart enough to understand” thing Butler et al resort to, he apologised for not being clear, explained, and expressed amazement that anyone read the book ‘cos it was so badly written!

He read some Judith Butler and now thinks he's very smart.

Funny, because my takeaway from reading Judith Butler was that she was not very smart.

Still have my stupid copy of Gender Trouble sitting on my shelf from a class long ago, because I refuse to burn or otherwise destroy books but I don't want to send my copy out in the world and have it into the hands of some poor gullible soul who is easily baffled with bullshit.

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I had to read Butler for a college course. I remember sitting there and thinking that there was something really off. Years later, it finally clicked for me.

I spent a significant chunk of my education being a bullshit artist because I could get away with not really putting in the work and still coast. Forget to read the book for the report? 'Bats: The Big Bug Scourge of the Skies' (or you know, BS a paper out of the synopsis on the back and somehow not get caught, since I'm not literally Calvin). Finally an instructor called me on it, that getting good grades with as little effort as possible wasn't the point of an education, and I'm grateful she did. Judith Butler apparently didn't have any such pivotal moment and ended up BSing her way through her entire career. It takes one to know one.

I like to scrawl over books like that with my own notes before donating them. Or sell them without writing in them, as it goes to someone who already wants to buy it and at least the publisher/writer aren’t making money off that sale.

Urgh, every queer theory article (had to read some at uni) is much like this rambling. Headache inducing.

Them’s some mighty big words to say a whole lotta nothin’.

Big words seldom accompany good deeds.

– Charlotte Whitton

We use such big words to move nowhere.

– Charlotte Brontë

Don’t use big words. They mean so little.

– Oscar Wilde

He acts like centering the phallus is the epitome to pontificating feminism when really what he needs is to keep his orations to himself lest he exposes the process of being unnecessarily grandiloquent again.

How the fuck is trans ideology materialist? Because they get their identities reinforced by cosmetic surgery, synthetic hormones and porn?

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