66 million years ago, a meteor destroyed all the trans dinosaurs. It's the biggest trans genocide in history after JKR's tweets.

So what about when y'all were burning Harry Potter books.πŸ€”

Now it's pure fiction what this idiot is talking about, but they're drawing parallels between themselves and the Nazi regime. Yet another self own.

An obsession with eugenicists was masculinizing gay men to make them straight. If Nazis could have transed the gay away, they would have.

Okay, so the Nazis did burn the books and records of Magnus Hirschfeld's Institute of Sexology. Though I think this is the picture, not that one.

Look, we've got to get the historical record right.

Yes, this is correct.

Hirschfeld/ the Institute are responsible for a lot of social aspects of what we now call transsexuality or transgenderism. The biggest one is the identity documents known as "transvestite passes". The psychiatrists at the institute gave them to people who crossdressed whether gay, AGPs, or people intending to live as the other sex in order to get police off their backs. It was basically a doctors excuse for crossdressing lol but this later morphed into the idea that a doctor could sign off on having your identity documents forged to look like you were the other sex. Since obviously a transvestite pass would out you as not really the other gender if that was your goal.

Hirschfeld is a complicated figure, he was gay and advocated for decriminalizing homosexuality and reproductive healthcare for women at a very early time. He also was fixated on genderbending and his clinic is responsible for some of the first attempts to medically transition people. Which often were horrifically botched. His clinic is the one that referred "the Danish Girl" Lili Elbe to a series of fucked up SRS attempts that eventually killed him when they tried to implant a uterus. But usually it just included surgeries like removing the uterus or testicles or attempts to implant testicular or ovarian tissue cross sex. They didn't actually understand hormones very well at the time and couldnt synthesize them, there was a bit of a craze around this era that gonad extracts would rejuvenate and revitalize you. They were literally taking testicles from prisoners and injecting extracts from them into rich men etc.

You have to also understand at the time that surgery was really dangerous, they didn't understand everything about blood types, antibiotics were yet to be invented, they were still using stuff like ether and nitrous as anesthetics and they could not actually transplant organs to the point scientists thought it might be impossible. Hirschfeld and his cronys were fascinated with playing God and were happy to refer patients and fellow community members to these butchers.

Hirschfeld was persecuted because he was Jewish on top of the gay stuff and his activism/clinic. He ended up leaving Germany and died in exile. It is actually a big loss to gay history that the Institute's library and records were burned, there is a huge hole in European gay history because of it. A lot of gay men in particular traveled to Berlin to go to the Institute to visit the library and archives, it was kind of a mecca at the time since it was really the only place of its kind in the entire world. It housed a lot of community publications like newspapers and magazines that we dont have access to anymore. It also means we have lost the archives that would teach us about the beginnings of how trans stuff started, Hirschfelds work is kind of the switch flip in the Western world about modern conceptions of gender thinking.

On top of the burnings the Nazis physically attacked people working there and seized all the lists of community members and patients that the Institute kept. They kind of had basically the names and addresses of every gay person in Berlin which put tons of people in danger. The lists that were seized probably fueled Hitler's obsession with gay men in Nazi orgs and enabled the purge called the Night of the Long Knives where they killed known gay men in the SA.

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History is transphobic (along with every other element of reality).

Imagine trying to make the Nazi book burning all about the trans. How low can Monty actually go?

I mean I heard about them destroying records of their gender clinic but I doubt it's the picture Monty attached. I also heard they were cross-dressers...

I'd like to see the list of titles published in 1930s Germany about trans people.

Then again it wasn't that many titles that Chase Strangio was calling to burn was it?

IMO, lying about what Nazis did or didn't do should be considered a form of Holocaust denial.

How I hate these privileged fuckers who can't accept a no. Appropriating the Holocaust, appropriating language, appropriating womanhood, appropriating femaleness, appropriating girlhood, appropriating lesbianism, appropriating racism, they stop at nothing.

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