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If you send a tweet out to the Internet before you talk to your friend, you are not a friend.

An yes women always need to be lectured to by a man because we don’t know anything.

A woman birthed you, fucker.

I hate the assumption that when someone disagrees with you they just don't understand the matter. It's so arrogant! Apparently, this person doesn't understand that others can have a different view on things.

I once had a student who said that people hated transpeople because they probably didn't understand the concept, and people hate/fear what they don't understand. Now, first of all, she was just talking about people misgendering/not believing in more than two sexes, so hate was already a bit over the top. But I was very close to telling her I'm pretty sure they do understand the concept. I know it was her way of trying to be understanding and sympathetic, but that's just not what it sounds like.

Her "truth hurts" reply to India had me cackling. I feel SO ALIVE tonight 😂

Something about women taking no shit invigorates me. Other people watch sports, I watch women taking no prisoners lol. That's the true good stuff.

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Daniel Lismore, @ daniellismore

Macy Gray is my friend. I adore her, but I'm shocked she doesn't understand what she's talking about. If or when I see her again I'll try to explain to her why she seems not to know about what being trans is. Ugh. Sad. So sad.

patronising shit. He just jumps to the conclusion that she's dumb and uninformed because her opinion is not the same as his.

Male audacity is thinking you have any right to "explain" to your female friend that men with ~lady feelz~ are exactly the same as her and every other woman in her life. Get in the bin, Daniel! 🗑️

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She understands, she just doesn't give a fuck 🤷‍♀️.

I would attempt to explain reality and biology to this misogynist, but I'm fresh out of crayons.

Look at this parasite taking his opportunity to gain woke points by throwing his "friend" under the bus.

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