I know we're not supposed to make fun of detrans and there are even some on here, but reading crap like this sometimes makes me want to laugh in their faces bc it is all such phony, conformist bullshit. Help me feel sympathy for them, I have a really hard time doing that.

As long as we let the de-transitioners join in on laughing at the TRAs I think it's ok. There's a difference between the de-trans that are still hardcore TRA and GC de-transitioners.

and it's impossible not to laugh a little lol

Can’t be true about ALL her trans friends - less than 1% of trans ppl regret transitioning! so either this situation is a crazy outlier, or that 1% figure is grossly understated… 🤔

If I remember correctly the "only 1-2% de-transitioned" is a misreading. It was about people that still ID as trans but that they regretted the GRS, not de-transitioned. The regret could have been because they were AGP, had health problems afterwards, or didn't like how it turned out. Idk 100% all I get is TRA articles about it.

I saw someone who had in college lived with like seven other women who defined themselves as trans (or perhaps enbie). Several years later only one of them does. Much of this is like the emo or goth phenomena in earlier generations: a way to be different from stodgy older people and a way to rebel. The difference is that there's real risk of physical harm here.

I'd say if goth and emo make suicide seem cool there's a real risk too

These girls challenge each other to see who can go furthest with their transition. I wonder if kids who have gone only as far as changing their pronouns and shouting at their parents that they are trans actually count as trans officially? If they do then detransition numbers will skyrocket very shortly.

That was me. I consider myself a "desister" rather than detransitioner.

I think this will be a very common experience in 2-5 years for a lot of young adults that were a part of such friend groups, assuming that they didn't go through with hormones and surgery. I have a friend who stopped identifying as a they/them once she had a baby so I think that experiencing real life will bring some people back to reality, at least the less privileged ones.

It gets much more difficult if you make permanent medical decisions of course, I wonder how many people will remain "trans" purely because they think they cant go back anymore.

First the wave of this.

Then, hopefully, the lawsuits against all the doctors who engaged in the malpractice of butchering vulnerable children. The day can't come soon enough.

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finding out my entire middle school friend group has detransitioned is sooo indescribable 😭


we'd get so upset at the "Issa phase" comments too 😭😭 #detran...

What is the "issa phase"?

Oddly, in my experience, nobody actually says “It’s a phase” to them. But they hear it in every sympathetic comment about this being normal, and them being normal, and things getting better as they grow up.