He already knows what you are, nothing subconscious about it. You are a woman, with a vulva, that he can try to worm his way into. There is no opting out of sex based oppression. There will still be many men who act as pervy predators to you no matter how bald and flat chested you make yourself. Some will surely find the transition an added kinky twist.

Sounds like this is a TIM, a man who isn't trying to look like a woman but is claiming his MAGA coworker can just telepathically tell he's got a woman-soul anyway.

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Oh yes, I see r/MTF now. I thought this was a TIF, the word "Boymoder" threw me off but does make more sense this way upon furher thought. The other comments sound spot on then, the co worker is gay, bi, or maybe one of those psuedobisexual chaser types. He may indeed dislike OP if he ever comes out, or he may reeeeally like him.

Yeah, I'd say coworker is either closeted or it's completely nonsexual and he just feels sorry for the awkward office dude and decided to make an effort to try to take him under his wing (and dude is interpreting this behavior in the most "validating" way possible). Honestly, for all we know his work could be slipping the more preoccupied he gets with gender crap and their boss might have asked this guy to check in on him now and again.

What I'd put money on, though, is that it isn't that the coworker secretly can sense a woman-soul.

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If I’m correct, Boymoder also refers to men who keep their fetish secret and haven’t attempted to “come out” to most people yet.