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author is probably another young white straight wokebro

Just to clarify: he's 23, gay and of Mexican heritage. He once wrote an article for People about how he got his Mexican father to accept he's gay.

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Ahh, so he's a young (mostly white) bro who definitely enjoys shitting on women. (I am Mexican, a lot of us are mostly white)

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We're definitely not mostly white what are you talking about.

Most of us are mestizo (indigenous+european caucasic), and even if we look "white" (which doesn't happen that often, most mexicans are some shade of brown) we might be more indigenous than caucasic genetically. I know because it's my case, genetic testing said that I'm +80% indigenous and for Mexicans I'm "white", yet white Americans and Europeans and even true caucasic mexicans tend to immediately know I'm not one of them.

I agree most Mexicans are mestizo, but for most people the indigenous % is a pretty small amount. I am mostly white, only a small % indigenous, and I get mistaken for being mixed-race. I know what you mean though. The actual genetics of the Mexican(-American) population varies a lot depending on the region too.