The author doesn't understand homicide rates. Those worldwide figures are not as high as he thinks. All demographic groups experience homicides, and the global transgender population is likely to be several million people.

In the US the Williams Institute estimates that between 1.4 and 1.6 million adult people are transgender, and the number of transgender people who became homicide victims in 2020 (the latest year I can get comparison data) was 44.

The homicide rate in the US for the whole population that year was 7.5 per 100 000. If that same rate applied to the transgender population we would have expected 105-120 homicides in that group in 2020.

So transgender people, as a whole, were less likely to become homicide victims than the general population.

(These are very rough calculations and are not intended as precise figures (as, for instance, the overall rate in the US is based on all population and not just on adults and as estimates about the size of the transgender population differ quite a bit), but I have tried to bias them toward the transgender rate being higher rather than toward it being lower. They can still be wrong (as I'm tired), but it is very unlikely that they would be widely off in the sense that the RS article implies).

The rate at which transgender people, in general, are killed (for all reasons and not just as hate crimes) is, in fact, not high.

The TRAs do know this and that's why they always focus on black transgender women who are killed at higher rates. When I have time I plan to see if I can get more evidence on that group and compare the rate to the homicide victimization rates of black women and men, in general, in the US.

The author is, of course, an idiot in other ways, too.

What Macy Gray says has no impact on those horrible murders he mentions in the US and certainly has no impact on worldwide homicide rates of transgender people. It's also true that most murders of transgender women are for similar reasons as most other murders. In other words, we can't just assume that every one of them was a hate crime. And it's grotesque for the author to argue that one woman's defense of women's rights would cause such hate crimes to happen.