As predicted even after she seemingly backtracked, TRAs are not forgiving as the title of this article displays:

Macy Gray Thinks People ‘Misunderstood’ Her Transphobic Comments. They Didn’t Macy, we all heard you loud and clear


Article is otherwise the usual religious lunacy, author is probably another young white straight wokebro (cause I didn't see any rainbows/pronouns in his bio) who enjoys shitting on women. As for the 2 TIMs mentioned, one was shot from up close and there's no suspect yet and the other was allegedly shot by a male acquaintance after they got into a dispute. I wonder how many black women were murdered in the past week? If you say men are not women you are contributing to the murders of trans identifyimg men (when in reality most of the times it has nothing to do with transphobia), but dehumanising women, acting like they don't even exist, ostracizing them for saying basic facts, removing their safe spaces, etc., that's perfectly okay.

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author is probably another young white straight wokebro

Just to clarify: he's 23, gay and of Mexican heritage. He once wrote an article for People about how he got his Mexican father to accept he's gay.

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Ahh, so he's a young (mostly white) bro who definitely enjoys shitting on women. (I am Mexican, a lot of us are mostly white)

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We're definitely not mostly white what are you talking about.

Most of us are mestizo (indigenous+european caucasic), and even if we look "white" (which doesn't happen that often, most mexicans are some shade of brown) we might be more indigenous than caucasic genetically. I know because it's my case, genetic testing said that I'm +80% indigenous and for Mexicans I'm "white", yet white Americans and Europeans and even true caucasic mexicans tend to immediately know I'm not one of them.