Macy Gray never said she hates or looks down on trans identified people. She certainly never said they deserve to be harmed, FFS, and I don’t think she would ever think or say that at all! She never said she doesn’t care about their safety. She never said that people should not be gender non conforming. She simply recognized that biology and sex is real and that women should have sex based rights.

And if they want to play that entitlement game with her, how many black women and girls are missing in the US without ANY attention or press given to their cases? Last year, there was finally a bit of media attention to this issue, but it’s already fizzled out. But black women are expected to cater to TIMs and highlight only their issues?

I never hear TRAs talk about missing and murdered black women, or indigenous women, or the femicide of Hispanic women, or the epidemic of violence against women prostitutes of all ethnicities. They only talk about how they’re the only real and valid women and that they have it soooo much worse than women do, including WOC victims who are historically invisible in a misogynistic and racist system.

TRAs need to put the onus on the despicable MEN who commit violent acts against trans people, just as they do against women, and stop pushing to erase women as a category and intrude on our privacy, sense of physical safety, and political protections.

Yep!! Look up the black femicide page on Facebook/Instagram. The woman behind it does fantastic work. Every 5 hours in AMERICA, black women are murdered by a man in our own community. We don’t have to go scouring other continents to scrape up and bulk up numbers. This is happening RIGHT HERE!! Fuck EVERYONES problems…