Black transwomen are murdered at the same rate as black men.

Things that make you go hmmmmm

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I hate when they try to guilt trip black women like this. Who is to blame when black women are killed? I never see them calling out rappers for their misogynistic lyrics towards black women about how it contributes to our deaths.

Sadly there’s black women who fall for it and they end up be the loudest “pro-trans” voices because they’ve been guilt tripped so hard they feel black TIMs getting murdered is their fault. Anyone getting murdered is tragic but what they’re not going to do it’s put the blame on me because I know what a woman is.

The United Nations said 2020 saw a woman or girl being killed by someone in their family every 11 minutes. Those are just the murders by family members.


Rolling Stone and the writer of this article are getting slaughtered on Twitter, I love it 😂💀

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So the two murders are of course bs.

The first one is sad but no motive is given. The article also points out that this is the first trans person to be murdered in milkwalkee since 2010. Most vulnerable group my ass.

The second was killed by a friend who claims the TIM pulled a gun on him. The friend isn’t even being charged with murder but voluntary manslaughter.

they’re so quick to jump to hate crime without even getting all the details. Well this author of this article had to have read about their deaths but he still chose to frame it as a hate crime.

As predicted even after she seemingly backtracked, TRAs are not forgiving as the title of this article displays:

Macy Gray Thinks People ‘Misunderstood’ Her Transphobic Comments. They Didn’t Macy, we all heard you loud and clear


Article is otherwise the usual religious lunacy, author is probably another young white straight wokebro (cause I didn't see any rainbows/pronouns in his bio) who enjoys shitting on women. As for the 2 TIMs mentioned, one was shot from up close and there's no suspect yet and the other was allegedly shot by a male acquaintance after they got into a dispute. I wonder how many black women were murdered in the past week? If you say men are not women you are contributing to the murders of trans identifyimg men (when in reality most of the times it has nothing to do with transphobia), but dehumanising women, acting like they don't even exist, ostracizing them for saying basic facts, removing their safe spaces, etc., that's perfectly okay.

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He quotes statistics from an organization called Transphobia vs Transrespect, according to whom:

  1. 58% of murdered trans people whose occupation is known were sex workers
  2. Murders of trans people in the United States have doubled from last year; people of colour make up 89% of the 53 trans people murdered;
  3. 70% of all the murders registered happened in Central and South America; 33% in Brazil;

I'd really like to know how is it Macy Gray's fault that prostituted (and very likely trafficked) trans males are being killed in Central/South America.

So why don't we look at the problems with the "sex industry"? Racism? Wealth inequality?

TRAs always talk about being 'intersectional' and then go on to ignore the intersecting factors.

Exactly. TRAs always seem to rabidly support the sex industry and have little bad to say about the disgusting male johns who murder trans prostitutes, just as they murder women.

The favorite target for TRAs is not rightfully on violent men, but always seems to be on women who don’t tell them everything they want to hear in terms of “validation.” Look how they detest radfem lesbians in particular because they won’t play along with the transbian BS.

They only care about intersectionality when that means pandering to men and including them in women's spaces. Attempting an actual intersectional analysis might lead them to conclusions that don't fit their narrative, so it's best to avoid it.

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author is probably another young white straight wokebro

Just to clarify: he's 23, gay and of Mexican heritage. He once wrote an article for People about how he got his Mexican father to accept he's gay.

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Ahh, so he's a young (mostly white) bro who definitely enjoys shitting on women. (I am Mexican, a lot of us are mostly white)

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We're definitely not mostly white what are you talking about.

Most of us are mestizo (indigenous+european caucasic), and even if we look "white" (which doesn't happen that often, most mexicans are some shade of brown) we might be more indigenous than caucasic genetically. I know because it's my case, genetic testing said that I'm +80% indigenous and for Mexicans I'm "white", yet white Americans and Europeans and even true caucasic mexicans tend to immediately know I'm not one of them.

So, 375 transgender and gender non-conforming people were killed last year. How many were killed because they were transgender? Every year over 80,000 women are murdered worldwide. At least 50,000 of those women are killed by a family member or intimate partner. It can be safely assumed that the vast majority of those 50,000 women were murdered, in essence, because they were female.

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This. 375 in all year? That's like a month of dead women in Mexico (its like 10-12 women every day), yet somehow their thing is a priority?

Why don't people have a sense of priority and urgency??

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Because women don’t matter.

Even TIMs of color only matter when their deaths can help the victimhood narrative of white men in skirts

Black women are killed in the US at a rate of one every 5-6 hours.

Leave Ms. Grey alone with your BS

Ah, the good old first rule of misogyny: women are responsible for what men do. God forbid we hold men accountable for their own actions.

Macy Gray never said she hates or looks down on trans identified people. She certainly never said they deserve to be harmed, FFS, and I don’t think she would ever think or say that at all! She never said she doesn’t care about their safety. She never said that people should not be gender non conforming. She simply recognized that biology and sex is real and that women should have sex based rights.

And if they want to play that entitlement game with her, how many black women and girls are missing in the US without ANY attention or press given to their cases? Last year, there was finally a bit of media attention to this issue, but it’s already fizzled out. But black women are expected to cater to TIMs and highlight only their issues?

I never hear TRAs talk about missing and murdered black women, or indigenous women, or the femicide of Hispanic women, or the epidemic of violence against women prostitutes of all ethnicities. They only talk about how they’re the only real and valid women and that they have it soooo much worse than women do, including WOC victims who are historically invisible in a misogynistic and racist system.

TRAs need to put the onus on the despicable MEN who commit violent acts against trans people, just as they do against women, and stop pushing to erase women as a category and intrude on our privacy, sense of physical safety, and political protections.

Yep!! Look up the black femicide page on Facebook/Instagram. The woman behind it does fantastic work. Every 5 hours in AMERICA, black women are murdered by a man in our own community. We don’t have to go scouring other continents to scrape up and bulk up numbers. This is happening RIGHT HERE!! Fuck EVERYONES problems…

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Last year, there was finally a bit of media attention to this issue, but it’s already fizzled out.

You know why it's already fizzled out? Because it served it's purpose already. The media only brought attention to it because they wanted to stir up racial animus. It only happened because people were mad at all the media attention one specific disappeared/ murdered white woman got (Gabby Petito). After Gabby was found and her killer's corpse retrieved, there was no longer a need to keep people divided on racial lines in order to- what? Distract from male violence and domination? Keep the masses from uniting against the people who run the world? I don't know exactly but I'm sure it's not wholesome. Oh, they'll bring up missing black and indigenous women again though- the next time a pretty white woman goes missing (is likely dead) and garners a bunch of "undeserved" attention. Count on it.

They are the media. They can try to signal boost and focus on black missing women's cases all they want. And they don't, they literally changed nothing after they criticized themselves for giving Gabby's case the limelight. The only reason Tokata Iron Eyes got so much attention is because a celebrity was involved in her case. Can you blame me for thinking it's all a ruse?

The author doesn't understand homicide rates. Those worldwide figures are not as high as he thinks. All demographic groups experience homicides, and the global transgender population is likely to be several million people.

In the US the Williams Institute estimates that between 1.4 and 1.6 million adult people are transgender, and the number of transgender people who became homicide victims in 2020 (the latest year I can get comparison data) was 44.

The homicide rate in the US for the whole population that year was 7.5 per 100 000. If that same rate applied to the transgender population we would have expected 105-120 homicides in that group in 2020.

So transgender people, as a whole, were less likely to become homicide victims than the general population.

(These are very rough calculations and are not intended as precise figures (as, for instance, the overall rate in the US is based on all population and not just on adults and as estimates about the size of the transgender population differ quite a bit), but I have tried to bias them toward the transgender rate being higher rather than toward it being lower. They can still be wrong (as I'm tired), but it is very unlikely that they would be widely off in the sense that the RS article implies).

The rate at which transgender people, in general, are killed (for all reasons and not just as hate crimes) is, in fact, not high.

The TRAs do know this and that's why they always focus on black transgender women who are killed at higher rates. When I have time I plan to see if I can get more evidence on that group and compare the rate to the homicide victimization rates of black women and men, in general, in the US.

The author is, of course, an idiot in other ways, too.

What Macy Gray says has no impact on those horrible murders he mentions in the US and certainly has no impact on worldwide homicide rates of transgender people. It's also true that most murders of transgender women are for similar reasons as most other murders. In other words, we can't just assume that every one of them was a hate crime. And it's grotesque for the author to argue that one woman's defense of women's rights would cause such hate crimes to happen.

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