People who don't know what a woman is make being a woman sound freaking AWFUL.

I don't want my identity summed up to:

Nail salons Shoe shopping Long hair Diet pills Short dresses


I don't make an identity out of any of that, but people who don't know what a woman is do, they're freaking weirdos.

The vulva owner is right. I think this uterus-haver makes valid points. I'm glad this menstruator spoke up about this. A lot of birthing persons need to stand up to the TERFs that are boiling down our identities to terminologies and body descriptors. This non-man is on the right track!


I don’t think this is a bleeding vagina who made this post. Isn’t it a man?

Nobody is erasing the word most commonly associated with mobile breeding sows. Men know who they are when they make rape threats

This person at least claims to be a "cis" woman. But female=squick, so we can't let the "woman" label be defined by that, right?

Identity? My identity is mother, wife, sister, crafter, baker, gamer, geocacher, and hopefully one day, crazy cat lady. My sex is female.

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THIS. It's a reality of life not an identity. For many of us, it results in sex-based oppression and that gives us solidarity as women and to some extent an identity. But, in an ideal world, we would not be oppressed and therefore not need that solidarity.

[–] hmimperialtortie 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 7 points

Sister cat lady! (I’ve been one all my life. I was brought up right.)

Same, I've grown up with cats, and I hope to one day have a place big enough for at least 3 🥰

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Sure, being female has its drawbacks, but, out of the only two possibilities, female and male, there are pluses: - longer life - No male pattern balding - Exponentially far less likely to have weird sexual fetishes. - Exponentially far less likely to injure or kill someone in a violent rage. - Exponentially far less likely to sexually assault or rape vulnerable people. - Member of the awesome sisterhood...

There are more, of course...

More endurance. More pain tolerance. More resistance to, and faster recovery from, disease and famine. Fewer devastating genetic diseases due to having two X chromosomes (one can act as backup to the other). Fat distribution tends to accumulate in less dangerous areas, ie visceral and midsection fat that makes men more prone to cardiac and cholesterol issues, whereas women tend to gain it on our buttocks and thighs.

Our sisterhood ❤️ is there anything that makes you feel as warm and glowy as a long, empathetic, kind, funny conversation with a girlfriend?

Wish i had these… i feel so isolated all the time, and can’t make female friends. I wish i had a best friend…

I'm sorry you feel like that 😔 loneliness is painful. If I were nearby I'd give you a big hug. Try going to some in person event for something you enjoy and be yourself? I spent years being mostly friends with men until I became more comfortable with myself.

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And I don't want my identity to be solely about what men find attractive and useful in women, which is not coincidentally what TIMs are most interested in appropriating. They can keep their fishnet tight highs and stilettos, they can get silicon implants and be submissive, the social construction of femininity is for men and they can have it, but I'm still a woman without it. A woman is just a female human, nothing more and nothing less.

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That's the point you fucking nitwit

Women don't have a choice with this shit. We were born with the body that does all these things naturally / the body that needs those procedures. Not all women. But ONLY WOMEN.

For anyone to pretend they are us because skirt go spinny when they can take off all these inconveniences whenever they please is gravely insulting and offensive.

We did not choose to be born with the body that gets biologically oppressed!

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Guaranteed this person has never met a radical feminist or asked one what she thinks being a woman is about

So you want your “identity” to be about stereotypical 1950’s bullshit?


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Literally who has ever said being female is defined by shitting and pissing yourself?

It’s not my identity. It’s just my sex. It’s not a skin suit I chose from all the other “genders”.

Well, that's great! We don't want our identities summed up that way either. We are women, but that isn't all we are. We are singers, warriors, artists, doctors, lovers, sisters, and millions of other things. When you define "woman" as a set of stereotypes, you invariably disregard these things. Women are defined by biology, but that is not all we are defined by.

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