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TERFs make being a woman sound fucking AWFUL.

I don't want my identity summed up to:


Pap smears


Giving birth



I don't make an identity out of any of that, but TERFs do, they're fucking weirdos.

What really gets me is that this person isn't claiming that those things aren't true. No, those things still apply to half the population. It's okay to say that those things, which apply to "mostly" women, make someone's existence "f---ing awful." It's just not okay to attach them to the female "identity."

Well, that's great! We don't want our identities summed up that way either. We are women, but that isn't all we are. We are singers, warriors, artists, doctors, lovers, sisters, and millions of other things. When you define "woman" as a set of stereotypes, you invariably disregard these things. Women are defined by biology, but that is not all we are defined by.

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Woman discovers that the female sex is a pain in the A. Where have you been all this time? I've hated womanhood as soon as I've learnt I would have bleed from my genitals for the next 40 years and "pooped" babies from "down there".

People who don't know what a woman is make being a woman sound freaking AWFUL.

I don't want my identity summed up to:

Nail salons Shoe shopping Long hair Diet pills Short dresses


I don't make an identity out of any of that, but people who don't know what a woman is do, they're freaking weirdos.

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That's the point you fucking nitwit

Women don't have a choice with this shit. We were born with the body that does all these things naturally / the body that needs those procedures. Not all women. But ONLY WOMEN.

For anyone to pretend they are us because skirt go spinny when they can take off all these inconveniences whenever they please is gravely insulting and offensive.

We did not choose to be born with the body that gets biologically oppressed!

So you want your “identity” to be about stereotypical 1950’s bullshit?


It’s not my identity. It’s just my sex. It’s not a skin suit I chose from all the other “genders”.

Well, I simply AM female, I'm not trying to colonize someone else's reality for my fetish.

Fuck off, man.

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Literally who has ever said being female is defined by shitting and pissing yourself?

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