Spoiler Alert to any TIMs hate-reading this site:

No one thinks you're a woman.

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Yep, fellas. And whenever anyone calls you "she" they are thinking "he" and really mean "he" because everyone knows you are men. Everyone is just indulging you like a mentally unstable child playing make-believe.

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Exactly. Only other Tim's do, and that's only because if they didn't brainwash themselves to believe that, they'd have to question their own genderfeels.

Sometimes even other tims don't and don't want to be with them despite being "transbians" lol

Yes. And the friends and people that do age virtue signaling and getting off on knowingly calling you the wrong pronouns almost as much as you AGPs get off hearing it. It’s LARP, nothing more. Have fun fellas.

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“It makes it sound like we are less than cis women”

You are.

Thank for coming to my TERF Talk.

Not less than. Other than. They are men.

are merely being nice to me because they feel obligated to, not because they want to

There are so, so many people who want to be nice to TiMs. They genuinely don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. But they also don't want to deny one of the most basic, obvious realities of human existence.

Preferred pronouns to "be kind" was TiP's foot in the door. They were able to leverage that into wholesale denial of reality.

Apparently it’s now offensive to say “preferred pronouns” because “my identity isn’t a preference” and then these people wonder why they feel such a constant paranoia that nobody is being honest with them.

Everything is problematic, including their own invented shit from last month. Can't wait to see which term they'll roll out next and then discard in a week as offensive!

Good fuckin' grief. Pronouns aren't a preference, but sexual partners are.

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No one wants to tell you the truth boys.

They know they that they will receive a shitstorm in return.

Everyone simply pretends unless their life is such that they can afford the resultant cancellation and shitstorm.

And if they only say “women”, all these TiMs and handmaidens ask “bUt WhAt AbOuT tRaNs WoMeN???!!!”

There’s no making them happy, cos even they know they’ll never be women.

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The phrase "women or those who identify as women" pisses me off, posted by u/AccountThrowaway282 to r/MtF

If someone identifies as a women, THEY ARE A FUCKING WOMAN, you dont need to add the 'identify' part, it just makes it sound like we are less than cis women.

End rant


Yeah. To me that sounds like "we disagree with your assessment of your identity but we'll humor you because it's convenient."

Which definitely plays into my personal conspiracy theory that everyone around me are merely being nice to me because they feel obligated to, not because they want to.

I love the self own of the second comment. 🤣

It's not a conspiracy theory, man. The delusion is so thick, this dude thinks the truth is a conspiracy 🥲

They are clawing tooth and nail to get at the word Woman. To keep it all for themselves. They want us to be dehumanised. Renamed "birthing bodies" and "uterus havers" etc so that they can be the only ones allowed to claim the word woman proudly. Bullying fraudulent fuckers.

Feel obligated to, and don't want to deal with the punishments that will rain down if they slip up. So yes, they're humoring you, at gunpoint. Poor you.

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