It’s amazing what they are claiming to be “red flags” here:

  • being anti-porn / anti-fetish
  • believing that penis-in-vagina sex is heterosexual sex

The whole thing reeks of a cult desperately trying to get its members to avoid anyone who might break its reality-denying misogynistic illusions.

believing that penis-in-vagina sex is heterosexual sex

Slow down there, penises and vaginas have nothing to do with sex!

Sex is only in the mind, we need to invent new words! With flags!

Definitely using afab or "female men"

Doesn't sound very terfy to me - after all, we're not the ones under the delusion that sex is assigned at birth.

In other words, she had never even spoken to a radfem.

My thought exactly. So much in that post does not sound like what GCs would say. Or rather how they would say it.

One can always tell they've never even interacted with a radfem - they're absolutely clueless about our stances.

Also, I just love how they invent all these ridiculous terminology and then blame it on us. I've seen some of them claim we were the ones who came up with 'womxn' and 'menstruators'.

they are the scientology of gender

Tell me you don't know what scientology is about without telling me what scientology is about.


Tell me you don't know what biology is about without telling me what biology is about.

My dudes, when we compare your group to a cult it is because we have a first hand experience. We actually worked and studied to escape. And when you learn how cults work and why they harm you, you recognize them even if they don't have that label.

We don't talk lightly.

[–] crodish 21 points Edited


Grow up lmfao you never were and will never be a gay trans man

Edit: does she not realize the absolute irony of her username being "GayHunterS69"

She's trying very hard to be masculine, to the degree of stupidity. It's honestly funny to see the usernames in Ovarit compared to f.ex reddit. It's such a contrast

permanently damaged

It's an internet group, you willingly joined and stayed. I'm not sure one can claim permanent emotional abuse when you could unplug and go touch grass. Assuming a reasonable amount of internet safety and you weren't giving away your home address or anything. Just walk away.

Women writing TERF rhetoric online irreversibly harms and damages me. Btw here's my gofundme for top surgery next week signal boost plzzzzz I only need 45K

[–] ouvalemonde EmpressLadybrain 15 points

Terfs are the Scientology of gender.

colorless green ideas sleep furiously

That one comment made me LOL. “TERFS are the Scientology of gender’’

Yes, us Scientologists who believe in biological reality and don’t buy that women have womanly spirits and anyone can be a woman trapped the wrong body and that sex is a s p e c t r u m and/or doesn’t exist like those rational TRAs do.

Yes, and us trying to convince people that they DON'T need to become lifelong medical patients and spend ridiculous sums on plastic surgery and disfiguring modifications to live a fulfilling and happy life. Just like scientology, the same.

[–] Lipsy #bornnotworn 9 points

We don't even get to the super secret secrets like "wear whatever you want, clothes don't make you a man/Woman" until they've alrdy paid tens of thousands of dollars in membership fees!

Lol, we call all "transwomen" men, no matter if they are wearing woman-face or appropriating 'butch' from lesbians.

I feel like “butch” TW = man who makes no attempt to look remotely feminine but demands everyone respect his pink laydee brain.

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