Radical feminism showed us that no matter how hard any man works to scrub away all traces of your life and your experiences, he’s going to miss a spot. They always do.

This is selfawarewolves material. How can she be this close and not see that this also applies to TIMs?

Abortion access was the single greatest accomplishment in the fight for women’s rights—a generous inheritance from the feminists of yesterday, in all their impatient, imperfect, and radical glory.

We're still here. You are still talking over us because you still think we are wierd and irrelevant.

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It's okay, you can come over to the evil/dark side already! Men already hate you no matter what you do, so why not go full-blown pro-women and get hated for something that benefits women instead of getting hated for something that harms women.

Hey guys, so we’ve really screwed the pooch and burned mainstream feminism to the ground, it’s a bit useless, what if we just took radical feminism away from them and changed it into what we want? Since it’s effective and we are def not, I was hoping we could just decide to change a movement about something else into our own nonsense because this whole abortion thing is affecting me now rather than poor women stuck in domestic violence shelters or prison cells with males. Everyone in favor?

If the OP of this nonsense post is lurking, sorry, but you can’t be a radical feminist and you can’t have radical feminism. If you cannot acknowledge the basic biology that women possess that men seek to control through patriarchy, you are already not a radical feminist by definition. Kind of like how males aren’t women, by definition. That doesn’t mean you can’t fight harmful laws against women, it doesn’t mean you’re not a feminist, it just means you’re not a radical feminist, and that’s okay. Of course, I would argue that any woman who hates “TERFs” and doesn’t listen to imprisoned women, poor women, rape victims, etc, when they say that they don’t want males in their spaces isn’t any kind of feminist, but that’s another conversation.

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What a joke. But maybe they will get there eventually.

eta how can she comment this while still lambasting 'terfs'? How does she not get it? 'It strikes me as uniquely sexist that feminism is the only social justice movement expected to be perfect in every way as well as including all other movements under its umbrella, while other movements are allowed to drill down and focus on what matters most to them, optics be dammed.'

including all other movements under its umbrella,

Women on here keep whining about this? WHY. Because it isn't remotely true.

Lesbians have not asked radical feminists to center us.

Black women have not asked radical feminists to center us. In fact, LOOK AROUND. Black women have left feminism because white women fucking drove us off with their racism. Very few black women are on this website because many have moved on to womanism.

Black women ONLY asked white women to stop being racist in feminist spaces. They did not.

Gay women ONLY asked straight women to stop being homophobic in feminist spaces. They did not.

Then you all wonder why it's mostly straight white women on this website.

No one outside Tumblr brats have told feminists they can't focus solely on women. White straight women are so fucking desperate to be persecuted.

Sigh. I’d start to consider taking them seriously if they understood the meaning of “radical”.

Oh, but who am I kidding? It’s clear that they know nothing about radical feminism in the least. Their explanations of radical feminism are just wrong.

I especially enjoyed the “not like other radical feminists” trope.

They are very confused over there. If this is the level of mental clarity among young women today we are doomed.