And if she did it, they would be the first people to say "Who takes pictures of their vagina after rape? That's sick and not how a victim would behave. Clearly, she faked the picture."

They did that shit to Megan Thee Stallion, she posted a pic of her gun shot wound, after being relentlessly harassed and they called it fake. There is no winning, there is no proof ever good enough. They hate women and everything about us.

Depp stans claim to care about the "real victims" and then say horrific shit like this. Who the fuck takes pictures of their vulva after being raped?? This is so sick.


[–] crodish 1 points Edited

Wtaf is wrong with this woman. I can't believe an actual woman would write shit like this. Who jokes about rape like this and fucking laughs about it. I had to check their profile to make sure it wasn't a TIM but she seems legit Urgh. Fucking libfems


Women are never believed, even with photographic proof.

Oh wow, she has proof and documentation! How suspicious 🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪

Amber Heard is the best example of this. She has more proof than any other abuse victim I know of and yet there are still so many people who think that plot twists exist in real life and she made it all up. Even some on Ovarit, somehow.

I seethe for her, and because of all the others like her.

Perfect example of what it really “feels like to be a woman” and it’s right under everyone’s nose.

[–] terfenclaw -11 points Edited

Amber's pictures were of redness and slight discoloring that did not match the severity of the beatings she said she endured. Namely, being hit repeatedly in the face, so many times she lost count, with Depp's beringed hands. The redness was so light in one picture, that they upped the saturation and contrast to make it show, then tried to pass it off as two different pictures taken at different times. That is why she was not believed.

I don't remember anyone disbelieving Rihanna.

I remember people saying Rhianna must have done something to upset Chris. You can't win.

[–] [Deleted] 4 points Edited

Oh yeah Rihanna got so much shit at that time. They were calling her lots of fucking things and then the Chris stans won and he he was popular again. Suddenly she's pressured to make up with him.

My mother once broke her nose so badly she needed emergency surgery, and it never showed. No redness. No swelling. No crooked bones. Nothing.

[–] terfenclaw -9 points Edited

Was her nose broken because she was punched in the face?

Because it's hard to believe that being punched in the face so many times you lose count, especially by a hand with lots of chunky metal rings on it, backed by the full force of enraged male strength, would leave only superficial discolorations.

There were countless people disbelieving Rihanna. Why do you think Chris Brown is still such a beloved singer? To this day people are saying that "both were at fault" or even that Brown just defended himself. Naming Rihanna to "disprove" Amber is the worst argument someone could make, sorry.

What a disgusting person.

Honey the case centered on whether Amber maliciously lied or believed she was abused.

Image Transcription: Twitter

Arlynh Sanchez, @ dessiree90

Tell her to show us proof she broke her nose, or the she was rape with a bottle and was bleeding show us the medical records, the blood at least lmao amber took pictures of everything but not her bleeding vagina girl that's the smoking pictures lol the millions she wanted 🤣