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Secondly, not really. HRT means no sperm. You seem really angry and transphobic. Did a trans person call you out on your transphobia?


Not all transwomen take HRT. They should still feel included. Edit: won’t let me reply to user acid bear below. So here is my response. Most people who get pregnant are simply women, but that doesn’t stop the changing of language? So even if most TW don’t utilize their genitals, we should still be inclusive in the same way. And I think that trans couples who are TW with TM would find you saying that their newborn child was impossible to create a little offensive. I’ve seen many couples who are both trans. The trans woman impregnate the trans man and then the trans woman even breastfeeds and everything. But that was impossible for them? I don’t think they would appreciate that. You are being incredibly transphobic right now. Also, trans women get bottom surgery at a rate of only 5-13%. Many I’ve known celebrate their ladydick. You should stop assuming for them that they shouldn’t like or even enjoy their genitals.


Your concern trolling has been noted and ignored. Edit:you just doubled down on concern trolling. We can all see that you aren't trying to be inclusive. You just have a rage on for trans women. You're sealioning. It's meaningless bullshit spewing from your mouth that you clearly don't even believe. You don't respond to arguments, you just change directions and spew more faux-inclusivity. Transphobia is not ok. We can all see what you're trying to do. We aren't idiots. If the mods ever wake up, it'd be great to have the terfs gone so that this is a safe space for all women. Thanks for outing yourselves!

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TIFs, now would be the time to speak up!

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Wow, so "pregnant people" can't sue the man who impregnated her if he identifies as a woman? That's all I'm getting from this language.

Excuse me! Men aren't the only ones who can inseminate! Why are you using this kind of backwards ass outdated exclusive language? It's SPERM SHOOTERS.

You really got to wonder if these people are really either this stupid, this captured or just totally lazy.

The comment thread on r/menandfemales about this is pretty funny. You’ll find it if you sort by new.

Image Transcription: News

Ohio bill would allow pregnant people to sue men for unintended pregnancies

The Statehouse News Bureau | By Jo Ingles

The Twitter replies to this were great - half were women angry about our erasure and the other half were “Not only men impregnate! You’re excluding transwomen and nonbinary people!” Impressive way to annoy 100% of your audience.

Some of those "not only men" criers might have been radfems taking the piss.

I do like to remind the gender idiots of how they strangely only ever erase women to be inclusive of men, not the other way round ...