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So she’s so uncomfortable with her breasts that she just has to have them removed, but not so uncomfortable to have them on display in public and sell her body… right, makes total sense.

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“I am naive about what being a prostitute entails and think that all I’m going to have to do is go on a date with a hot guy and I have no idea that in the least horrifying scenario, I’m going to have to perform sex acts on a disgusting man” is how I read this sign. I’ve met women like this one before. They’re almost always virgins with no idea how evil men can be.

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I want to throw something out of my window. Escaping misogyny by cutting off your breasts and disowning womanhood, but not before submitting to misogyny by taking part in and contributing to it with said womanhood. 1000 IQ move

The display of the breasts that she is proudly advertising to get cut off, the purposeful display of armpit hair that is somehow okay now since she's "no longer female", the huge naive smile, the people grinning in the background. I'm just so angry and sickened and despaired. This girl has no fucking clue what she's advocating for.

The full uncensored image is circulating on GC twitter but I've blocked it out for privacy issues.

Edit: someone in the comments pointed out that this location is a fucking war memorial and I am losing my goddamn mind at the sheer disrespect of it all

TIFs seem to idealize gay & bi men as being inherently better and nicer than straight men. But then they ask for this...what kind of man would pay someone to get their breasts cut off?

Besides all of the obvious things I could say, how funny is it that I can very easily tell who the only 3 men in this picture are? I can also recognize all of the women.

Do these kids even think about anything beyond instant gratification...? I absolutely cannot fathom their thought process.

This is so fucking dark. I can't help imagining how I would feel if this was my daughter and I saw this photo. She's my sister regardless of her refusal to acknowledge it or how sad and angry her foolishness makes me feel, and when I see this photo I want so badly for her to open her eyes and see before she really hurts herself. It takes a lot of mental effort for me to try to feel pity in addition to the contempt I can't help feeling. She's a dupe and she doesn't know it. None of the (clearly identifiable; I count three very obvious women) women in this photo do.

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Well done, liberal feminism, another empowered, sex-positive victim looking for novel ways to self-harm.

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