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A different article from the Toronto Star arguing in favor of Jordan Peterson being banned from the Twitter platform, because so-called "deadnaming" is "hateful". The author claims to be a free-speech maximalist but with exceptions. Note that he (it's always a he) says that "trans people" and "mental health experts" have declared that so-called "deadnaming" is harmful. Never mentions feminists, detransitioners, or anyone else (including gender-critical physicians!) questioning the validity of "trans" ideology. He just takes it as a fact that the very concept of "trans" even exists at all.

In which case he's not a real free-speech maximalist but another TRA who uncritically accepts pseudoscience as fact and is OK with people being shunned for calling it out as such. If Ellen doesn't like what Peterson said, just block him. It's that simple. He never called for Ellen to be beat up or killed. I don't like Peterson but the site shouldn't be banning people for saying "Cassius Clay" or "Reginald Dwight" either. If unstable TIPs kill themselves because someone said their birth name, that's their problem, not anyone else's. We are not here to be everyone's therapist.

EDIT: oh, and of course, they turned the comments off because they know people are going to pile on the columnist for this weaksauce argument.