This doesn’t even make sense by their own bullshit “inclusivity” rules. “Men” downloading period apps will have no impact if those men happen to be menstruators. Presumably they want the data from non-life giving jizz canons, not those with cycles. So, more accurate and inclusive language should say “prostate owners who cannot menstruate should join…”

We all know the real reason why they don’t pull this bullshit with men. It’s because to reduce men to body parts is so palpably offensive that it comes across as goady and “making a comedic point”. Women are so associated with objectification and dehumanisation that no one bats an eyelid when they are called bleeders or breeders , and this language is justified in the name of accuracy. It’s funny how accuracy goes out the window when male dignity is at stake .

Non-life giving jizz canons. A more accurate descriptor has never been uttered!

Possible acceptable headline:

Can non-impregnable sperm ejaculators downloading period apps help protect people seeking abortions?

I mean it’s so wordy as to be barely comprehensible, but at least that would be consistent with the “inclusive language” bullshit. But when men get to be men, and women are just unmentionable collections of body parts and functions, how can anyone write these things without stopping to wonder what the absolute fuck they’re doing?

Yes there are two genders now, men and people. Funny how that works...

Not using women when appropriate has gone so commonplace I’ve sort of accepted it UNLESS they use men in the same sentence. That infuriates me. You lose all capability of saying it’s just about inclusivity then. So men don’t need to be inclusive?

(As an aside I think the app paranoia is overblown. Missing periods and forgetting to log stuff in the app is completely normal. Plenty of women just fall off out of neglect to stick with it. Many women have irregular cycles. There’s no way any sort of…who?…will be keeping a list of women without perfectly logged cycles or something, and the app isn’t just like “hey, missed your period, GUESS YOU’RE PREGNANT!”, you have to go and purposefully log that you’re pregnant yourself. So, just want to suggest that no one get worked up about that, it’s not a threat.)

Yeah, I have quite irregular cycles but I'm also celibate, so it makes me wonder what kind of information could be tracked by my app besides the fact my cycles are out of whack sometimes due to illness and stress.

It also implies that they themselves don't believe TIFs are really men, since they use "pregnant people" to include TIFs.

We could try saying something to them along the lines of " Why are " men " being separated from " people " ? Are men not people too? "

I don't get it.

Are they referring to TIMs or TIFs? How would it help "pregnant people "?

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the headline doesn't make any sense. the general idea is everyone with a smartphone starts downloading period tracking apps and just flooding them with junk information. the hope there is that the apps then can't be used to cause trouble for women who missed a period. it's sort of like you can't find the signal in the noise.