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He should have just said β€œYou’re a self-hating woman and you’re lying.”

Anything but female, right?

How can people not understand this is internalized misogyny at play?

This is such an embarrassing phase for teenagers. Hopefully they don't take it far and end up medicalized for life, and leave at just being embarrassing.

Transsexuals are the medicalised and transgenders are the social perception haters / slight non conformists. If anyone was curious,

Technically you're transgender if you wear mens' clothes or prefer anything masculine if you wanted to grift something. Because 'gender non conforming (not gender id deviant) have come under the transgender umbrella via official policy. (Coming out as transmasc because Im really annoying and would like to be paid more, send me money for my transition)

Man, I've been wearing my husband's t-shirts a lot because they're longer, softer, just overall better quality for some reason. Am I transgender now?

I'm sorry.... brother...we cannot have deviants that covet the masculine cloth within our fold. Your correction will be paid for by insurance debreasts you

Yup. Sorry. If you find yourself daydreaming about wearing his jeans, I'm afraid you have to join Stonewall. It's mandatory now.

He literally had me explain it 10 times! Look how deep and interesting and unique I am! I have such a complex identity! Maybe I think I'm ugly, I'm poor, I don't have any other source of cache BUT I belong to the sacred unknowable caste, that the plebs simply can't wrap their pea brains around!