[–] Nona_Biba elephanthood 1 points

Also, shoutout to an actual seahorse man.

[–] bellatrixbells [OP] BoobatrixRex 1 points

I really had high expectations and frankly I don't know if I'm disappointed or not.

[–] Nona_Biba elephanthood 1 points

LMAO not an anime fan, I take it?

[–] bellatrixbells [OP] BoobatrixRex 1 points

I have mixed feelings. This specific scene was just extremely random. 😂

I think I was expecting like some sort of seahorse superhero so I don't feel let down as this was hilarious, but I feel let down 😂😂😂

[–] Nona_Biba elephanthood 2 points

at the same time, we wouldn't call a female horse a "stallion" now would we?

[–] OneryBox 7 points Edited

Guess we better stop saying: Hens/roosters, Cows/bulls, Mare/stallion, Doe/buck, Queen/tom, Ewe/ram.

I could keep going, but I guess we need to just get rid of all these "gendered" terms since animals don't "perform gender".

Lmao this is easily one of the stupidest takes I've seen in my life

We do though sometimes. With kids. It's easier for kids to understand "this is a boy/man or girl/woman animal" rather then scientific terms like male and female. Though could be different in different languages...

[–] bellatrixbells [OP] BoobatrixRex 0 points

I do wonder for other languages. In French we will say things like "this is a female cat, which means it's a girl cat" or something of the sort. That's how one acquires the basic concept that sex isn't unique to humans.

[–] Yemaya 5 points Edited

Ugh I’m so tired of these damn Judith Butlerites who think they’re right and know everything. Just because YOU believe man and woman means “gender” and that they are “performances” is your own dumbass beliefs. Everyone doesn’t believe that bullshit.

It's almost like the definition of the word 'men' is 'adult human male'.

Sometimes it's quite difficult to tell whether they're being intentionally ignorant or whether they just can't help it.

[–] LonelyKindred Jaded Tomboy 12 points

Men are people, seahorses aren't. Unless there's been a secret seahorse society that we don't know about.

"Man" and "Woman" are specifically words for humans!

We don't have sexed-names for every animals in common vocabulary, but there are plenty of animals whose sex-names are very common, like:

Cow = female bovine, bull = uncastrated male bovine, hen = female fowl, rooster/cock = male fowl, woman = female human, man = male human. And so on.

This person is so dumb.

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