ahem "Terfs" aka radfems, don't believe in "transmeds" or "true trans". We don't believe in trans, period. Thank you.

Yep. There are a few "GC"s and "GC trans" who still accept "true trans", but they're only like 80% peaked because they're still buying into gender being real, but with some exceptions.

Gender doesn't exist, period - it's based entirely on circumstantial feelings, sex stereotypes, and immaterial evidence. And if gender doesn't exist, neither does gender dysphoria, which is just body dysmorphia hyper-fixated to only sexual characteristics.

Yup, we just had a thread about this a few weeks ago and it seemed like 100% of the responses were "gender ID is all bullshit all the time" with no exceptions for true trans.

Ok officially Radfem rhetoric is:

  • being a transmedicalist
  • being a dude getting titty implants and going on estrogen and calling yourself a woman
  • being a tucute
  • believing gender is a social construct
  • believing gender is biological
  • believing gender is not biological
  • saying TIF lesbians are valid or invalid
  • being a tif Lesbian
  • being anti male lesbians
  • being pro male lesbians
  • excluding or including 'bi lesbians'
  • going by neopronouns like xe/cat/ 💀
  • getting an abortion or being pro choice -not liking sex trade industry -being pro sex trade industry
  • getting cosmetic procedures done
  • gatekeeping cosmetic procedures
  • discouraging cosmetic procedures
  • thinking gender dysphoria is real
  • treating gender dysphoria through surgery
  • not treating gender dysphoria through surgery
  • believing gender dysphoria isn't real
  • being female
  • being extremely rightwing, leftwing, centrist socially conservative or socially progressive

Avoid taking any of these positions which is really easy, if you get more than two points checked you'll get executed.

Don't forget we're also upholding white colonialist heteropatriarchal standards of femininity, but at the same time we're all jealous of trans women because they're more feminine than us.

reading this post felt like having a stroke

I was just collecting various recounts from the numerous political gender sects, who accuse each other of being "the real feminazis!" all the time and hate each other which I thought was funny.

I might make a fandom discourse feminist inquisition complication next

Like it's always felt reading smears in the mainstream media about this or that "unorthodox" belief.

I don't know where to begin with this, but I was thinking about how ready to fracture the whole trans movement is. They just need to actually read what each other are saying for once. The first poster equating radfems to tucutes is undoubtedly in the "gender is biological" camp and the ones equating transmeds to radfems are probably in the "gender is a social construct" queer theorist camp. The one thing they agree on is that "terfs are bad" so therefore terfs must hold the opposite view of them, which is the only good view.

So, why don’t we have any power then?

You don't understand the TERF cabal runs the government and are literally enforcing male suicide, making abortion compulsory, and will force detransition our brave queers, enrolling them in hygiene and critical thinking classes which is literal cultural genocide. Don't ask how they're a fringe minority but also dominating the government and doing this at the same time teehee

When everyone you don't agree with is a default TERF, yeah. We're everywhere all at once, like god, except gods aren't real, much like your gender, and unlike our female sex based oppression that mysteriously continues to exist regardless of its constant rebranding.