Is there some other “TERF” website / forum that these people are talking about when they say things like this, or are they just flat out lying? Because my impression is that Ovarit is one of the most TERF-friendly places on the internet, and I’ve been coming here daily for years now, and haven’t seen anything even remotely resembling these trans-killing caricatures from Twitter…

[–] crodish 16 points Edited

I remember seeing a website of TERF receipts, but it was laughably short and lacking in comparision to TERFisaslur, and extremely miscategorized. As you can imagine, none of the receipts actually showed GC people, or radfems at all. Just males being male, and "words are literal violence" crap.

They think ANYONE that disagrees or that recognizes biological sex is a TERF. So they'll lump us in with actual anti-trans people who DO wish trans people were dead and would send them death threats or outright mock them.

[–] smash_cake 2 points Edited

The one legit receipt is from a lesbian separatist named bev jo who said she wishes transwomen would die. IIRC this was obtained by an MRA called agent orange who infiltrated one of the private forums we had on Rain’s website.

Edit: the quote is “They expect we’ll be shocked to see statistics about them being killed, and don’t realize, some of us wish they would all be dead“ and it’s evidently from the comments on the gender trender blog.

Bev jo said something distasteful and not something I support but she didn’t threaten anyone so it’s a weak receipt compared to the hundreds of threats we have against “terfs”.

[–] Iridescence 13 points Edited

I wouldn't describe any of those sites/forums as "TERF". Usually transphobia really is lumped in with homophobia, misogyny, and racism, threats/insults are thrown to those groups in general. They're sure as fuck not feminists, never mind radfems.

[–] FlorenceBlue Lvl5 Laser Lotus 23 points

I’ve never in my life seen a radfem even talk about murdering trans identified people, let alone heard of one who actually did it. Only violent, stupid men do shit like that.

I never see terfs calling for the death of transgender people like these people are claiming. Idk what plane of reality these people are living in.

What I have seen is TIFs in my art community discord server wishing that a literal TSAR BOMBA would kill terfs and how much they want to beat terfs into a pulp.

According to TRAs, referring to a TIM as he/him is "literal violence". A room full of people laughing over a joke about a man in a dress is "trans genocide". So that's probably what they have in mind with this rhetoric about "mass-murdering TERFs".

And coincidentally all those pimps and John's are...MEN. Funny how it's women who are "the biggest threat to trans people" which is really just MEN, again. Mf I wish I was a threat to men, have less problems and fears in life.

GC women: “we would like to have women’s only sex segregated spaces and be able to exclude biological males”

TRA creep: “SEE!!! they are literally murdering us!”

[–] hmimperialtortie 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 20 points


Clearly I am not keeping up the numbers

How many Bwave And Stunning Laydees am I supposed to have knocked off this week?

Image Transcription: Twitter

Meezy, @ jomeezy617

TERFs unalive themselves challenge (hopefully very easy)

TheRealMac, @ NoCheeseMac

Funny how rarely one sees 'terfs' telling people to die

Rainbow For Days, @ Ragnbogen

Yeah that's usually because the TERFs ad transphobes are out murdering trans people instead of just telling them to die. Also if you havent seen TERF's telling people to die then you're probably viewing a very tailored and sheltered area of social media.

TheRealMac, @ NoCheeseMac

Are these terf murders being kept secret?

Rainbow For Days, @ Ragnbogen

There's actually quite a lot of articles about trans murders online, you can go look them up. Also TERF's are responsible for a lot of anti trans legislation that also gets trans people killed.

TheRealMac, @ NoCheeseMac

Pimps, boyfriends and johns

(men) account for nearly all murders of trans identifying people.

Fuck coffee nothing starts my day like a good old fashioned murder of a trans person. Thats why I keep so many of them in my basement./s

For the records: i dont have a basement.

[–] poem998 6 points Edited

The lengths TRA will go to protect men astounds me still!

A good majority of trans identified males engage in prostituting themselves on the street and end up beaten and murdered by Johns, pimps and other TIMs. Some engage in criminal behavior and perish at the hands of other violent men. To my knowledge, not a single woman committed murder or rape against a TIM. At last, the fantasy of the eunuch pedophile is completed! They project all the murders and rapes on women, specifically, the Trans Exclusionary Feminist. In this reenactment of 1984, evil is good and good is evil. The agenda is to convert as many into TIMs and TIFs, but only to take organs from the TIFs, like the uterus and ovaries. And the end goal is to legalize pedophilia. Mark my words.

[–] crodish 7 points Edited

Lol I wish. If TERFs were really murdering trans people at the rate they say they are, there would be none of them, and we wouldn't be in this mess.

It's far more common, and has happened, for 1) TRAs to murder TERFs, especially sending them rape and death threats, and 2) for the offenders to be male, and the victims to be female. Because patriarchy, misogyny, and biology. And also 3) we're not testerical cave-manbabies that resort to physical violence and rape when we don't get our way.