I was bullied relentlessly in middle school, yet somehow committing a shooting spree never crossed my mind. I was rejected romantically, yet somehow never verbally or physically abused anyone for it.

You know who does? Penis people.


I've been subjected to racism and I've been bullied for a lot of things, the first that comes to mind is that I (a bisexual girl) dated another girl in my teens while I lived in a backwards ass conservative city. I've been raped multiple times and suffered a lot of abuse. I've been rejected romantically, more than once. I was in the foster care system. My life has not been easy.

And somehow, I have never committed any type of violent crime, let alone killed someone, let alone massacred a bunch of kids. We, as a society, need to stop making excuses for violent MALES.

A trans-identified male was busted for planning to bomb a university building in my country a few years ago. The media continues to refer to him as a woman.


One of the things that's totally crazy to me is how perfectly law abiding men can really easily empathize with very violent men. Like, they have the same wishes, just better self control.

I don't know of any women who fantasize about violence without pretty extreme cause (like abuse, and then it's still limited to the abuser, not other people).

Same here. I was abused at home, and abused at school. Still never hurt anybody, and will not hurt anybody.

I’m sorry but I really can’t stand libfems they do everything to “prove” women as just as violent as men.

They love to pretend like men and women are exactly the same. What does a Columbine “fandom” being full of women have to do with women BEING mass murders? It’s disturbing that they are a part of that “fandom” but that doesn’t make them mass murderers.

Point me to all the many female mass murderers. Point me to the mass murdering TERFs. Oh you can’t? Then stfu.

Ah, but women are so much better at tidying up. Men just leave the bodies lying around.

You know what, that's a great point!

Obviously women are murdering a ton of people every day but it's totally just not getting reported on because of sexism against men and because they hide the bodies so well. Just like the fake DV and rape epidemics against men committed by women.

I’ve literally seen unhinged MRAs claim that women murder, beat and rape at the exact same rates as men, maybe even MOAR, but because we live in a “liberal gynocracy”, it’s all covered up. I’m sorry, gynocracy where? 🔍👀 truly some 🤡-level comedy here.

So that's why women do all the housekeeping. Great practice for cleaning up the murders!

I've also found that usually, those hybristrophile-type forums are not even full of adult women. It's usually kids and teen girls that grow out of their weird obsessions over the "rejects of society", or whatever. They don't let these little obsessions develop into actually hurting anyone, unlike how incel forums operate.

Boys are more likely to become mass murderers and recognizing this and parenting with this in mind is the best way to protect your son from that path.

If you actually love your son, you'll know where he is weaker and work to support him and grow him out of that weakness. Protect him from porn, work on managing anger and aggression, teach him relationship communication skills.

"Boy moms" in the sense of "my boy does nothing wrong" do nothing but damage their boys and turn them into awful things.

I say this as a mom of a boy.

Handmaiden harder, lady.

And for all of the disturbing female-fandoms that spring up around violent men, it often tends to involve them romanticizing the idea of redeeming those men through the power of love and understanding, or being the exception to the rule that a violent man treats as 'special' and protects. Or that one young woman who almost married Charles Manson before he found out that she was only doing it so she'd inherit his body and shit and get to sell it off to the highest bidder, which actually kind of warms the vindictive part of my cold dark heart that that egotist found out he doesn't have the same pull he used to in that embarrassing way.

And once again, point me towards all the mass murderers targeting TIPs for being TIPs citing JK Rowling as their inspiration and leaving radical feminist manifestos and then we'll talk. As it is, even when serial killers kill TIMs, it tends to be because they didn't clock them until the situation was too far in and just figured why the hell not (like Samuel Little).

True. As much as I hate those women, they are more likely to end up in an abusive relationship (and get killed) than becoming murderers.

Since when are fandoms a better indication of which groups are more likely to be violent than actual crime statistics

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Glass houses. If we're going by fandoms, TIMs and TIFs are some of the most likely people to commit violence then. They truly stink at any debate. They're so bad at this.

Edit to add: it could be argued that TIMs are more likely than most to actually commit violence.

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White parents, this should be ALL of us

"Boy moms, this should be ALL of us"

"Penis havers birthing parents, this should be ALL of us"


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Zero data to support her crazy talk. Zero. Mass murders are committed almost solely by men. It's the one common denominator. Even in countries where strict gun regulation has helped to lower mass murders, they are still committed by men.

Even in countries where women have access to guns, we still commit less crimes and muders. Even though guns mean we can compensate our lower physical strenght.

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In order to make men and women equal in evil, the bar for evil for women has to be lowered to untenable, almost ludicrous levels. There are more men who approve of Nazi mass murder than there are teenage girls who admire and approve of Harris and Klebold. But I don’t blame people anymore because the horror of what men are capable of necessitates cognitive dissonance.

I'm so sad that 'Radicalized Feminist' won't fit in my flair.

Yeah everytime I hear about a rapist it's a woman. With a penis.

Everytime someone shoots up a school it's a girl. With a penis.

"Femme people" could be TIMs right now for all I know.

"You're not a woman" =/= someone actually needing a death certificate and a coffin.

Since when do girls fixate on and admire mass shooters?

It does happen, but the number of times I've seen that from women vs the outpouring of angry little men praising Elliot Rodgers doesn't even come close.

Exactly, teenage or kooky women who love killers get the spotlight shone on them, they even have a derogatory term about them (“hybristophilia”), even though there are many thousands more incels stanning “Supreme Gentlemen” mass killers.

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There are some idiots. A girl in my class when I was a young teen was gushing over how hot Osama bin Laden's mugshot was right after 911 happened. Granted, we didn't live in America, which might be why she was so stupidly insensitive about it, but jesus. And I think there definitely were girls who protested criminal charges against some school shooters on the sole basis that they were young and looked hot.

There's a terminology for girls that ship this. Real crime something.

Edit: "true crime fandom". There's an entire wikia page about it that mentions a "Columbine fandom". Christ on a cracker.

Edit2: fuck me the "Columbiner" fandom in the image and the "Columbine" fandom I read up are the same thing. I thought it was some video game I wasn't aware of that happened to share the name. No, it's the actual goddamn school shooting. There is a fucking fandom for the school shooting. Jesus H christ

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It's definitely a thing, and it's extremely messed up, but it never escalates into violence— unlike the vastly more numerous MALES who admire mass murderers.

There's a site about mass murderers where more than one MALE forum member actually became one himself. The creepy female fans fantasising about being The One who could have changed the dark troubled boy just aren't deciding to kill people, probably because desiring to kill people is not what draws them in. Unlike the male fans.

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