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There isn't a magic option to deal with depression or eating disorders either. The solutions to those are not "let me kill myself because it's the only way", or to continue starving/bingeing indefinitely until you're happy. They are disordered ways of thinking whose self-proposed solutions contribute to the problem, not the cure.

What has worked is medication, therapy, CBT, time to recover and heal, and/or a combination of the above. And in cases where you can't resolve it completely with those methods, you just learn to manage it for life.

The first paragraph really sounds like what I had to deal with when people who didn't understand depression would say shit like, "but have you tried exercising more and changing your diet and thinking positive thoughts?" Like, no shit. So I can understand the person's frustration. But the solution isn't "just let me kill myself to end it".

It's all just people seeking ways to escape their pain.

Edited to add: when I was in the worst parts of depression, but especially the very first time, it was awful. I just wanted to stop hurting so desperately and immediately, that I think if someone had marketed heroin or meth to me as a magical cure to make me instantly stop thinking so much and feel better, I would have taken it, known downsides and addiction be damned. I couldn't bear to think about waiting even one more day of feeling like this. At that point your options are: a) kill yourself b) take the drugs c) don't do the above and manage another way even though it's hard and not instaneous.

I think for people on hormones, they have a list of guaranteed changes to look forward to (gynaecomastia, voice deepening, facial hair etc) and so that helps them cope because they can actually visually SEE change happening that is "proof" things are "working".

Being on depression meds is like... idk maybe I feel 0.5% less shitty than I did yesterday. I still want to die. Talking does nothing. Are these meds working? It's been months and I've tried all kinds of things and I still feel like absolute shit. The meds don't even make me happy. What's the point? It took me years before I finally reached a place where I could both be comfortable and recognize I didn't have to act on Bad Thoughts, and even now it's still a constant struggle to not fantasize about disappearing off the face of the earth.

"Take it one day at a time" is of extremely little comfort when it could be potentially indefinite, or never happen at all. You're literally just coping with being alive. But "killing yourself" is still not the answer.

The more people associate dysphoria with what it is - a mental illness - the sooner we can get past this shit and ACTUALLY help the poor souls who suffer from it. They are not to be confused with the disgusting AGP fucks, I am not even sure how you can go about fixing that, the more things continue the more I feel like it's just men being men but maybe I'm too fucking cynical right now.

I get what you're saying for sure - what if a TRA movement existed for depression or eating disorders and we just let those people get enabled? "Oh yea sweetie you're a fucking whale! Put that chicken down!" or with depression - just enable them right into offing themselves? No, we recognized it as the illness it was and researched into a variety of treatments you brought up.

The TRA movement is incredibly vile for SO many reasons, but vehemently denying people the mental help they so sorely fucking need is definitely part of that.

Just kill yourself then. Why are women expected to empathize with these men. If anyone else did this shit to another marginalized group, the group would say, "Fine, just die then." Women need to stop caring.

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How did trans people even exist in history as they say then? They couldn't "transition" with surgery and hormones like they can with modern medicine. They must have all died early.

It's weird how even with societal acceptance, changing birth certificates and IDs, self i.d., allowing biological men to compete with women in sports, and insurance covered "lifesaving trans healthcare" the suicide rate in the US keeps on climbing up. Almost like none of that stuff actually addresses the underlying mental health issues...

Hanging out in toxic internet echo chambers is a great way to convince yourself there are no other solutions for your spiritual anguish. 🤷🏻‍♀️

He obviously knows it’s the mental illness.

Someone in this much psychological distress is not stable enough to make gigantic body alterations.

I’ll go even further, and say it’s a Catch 22 issue: if you want to have body parts cut off, you’re not mentally healthy enough to consent to have body parts cut off.

100% which is why doctors who perform this are also part of the problem.

Have you tried getting off Reddit, where hordes of AGPs will further try to convince you that you will kill yourself if you don't cut off your penis?

Dude is 26 and started transitioning at the age of 20. I can GUARANTEE you that he definitely didn’t try “everything” before starting to transition. It can take a long time working on ONE coping skill, but these idiots think “I tried it once, it didn’t work”.

I'd also argue that the solution isn't in surrounding yourself with people who constantly catastrophize little human interaction annoyances and unpleasantness as things worthy of committing suicide over.

They’re telling him to exercise. Sounds like he’s dealing with a body image or weight problem more than gender dysphoria. But putting a gender label on it gives you instant social cred, while repeatedly failing in dieting like 95% of us (myself included) is considered a personal failing.

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Well, man, you’ll be even more miserable when you’re in chronic pain from your dick inversion and, guess what, NOBODY is fooled into thinking you’re a woman.

And frankly I don’t care. You’re a extreme misogynist whether you get yourself surgically butchered or not. We have more than enough of that sort of man in the world.

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