"I don't enjoy being objected and ogled as a literal prostitute, so I must not be a woman"

Checks out. Everyone knows real women actually love prostitution, our greatest satisfaction is making men's dicks hard.

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When I got the 100+ photos back, I cried. Horrified despite the excellent quality of the photos, my heart deflated. My heart cracked. I felt thot I looked like a clown, like an imposter. Who is that? This person in the photos looked grotesque, like a painted doll—not a nice, lifelike, doll, but a dead—eyed and dead—inside doll. I posted one of the photos to my Instogrom anyway and got more likes and interaction than ever before, which only hurt more. People like this version of me? It must be the best version and even if it's not, I better not change a thing about this. I better not fuck up this thing that's working.

“Performing femininity makes me feel bad and I hate feeling social pressure from others to conform to it”

“… guess I’m not a woman.”

They are SO CLOSE to getting it

Why post the picture if you hated it? Why care about the likes? I disagree with the previous comment that this is needlessly dramatic, but I can't understand why you'd post something like this if either outcome- no likes or many likes - will make you unhappy. It makes me so frustrated that these women have the answers in front of them (femininity is a joke) but they can't figure it out.

I guess when your amount of likes is tied up in your livelihood, this case appearing sexually appealing to gain clients, it's easy to be blinded by the money... but yeah it's just heartbreaking that for her throwing out performance (in throwing out her bodysuits and makeup) is the same as throwing out her womanhood.

The source is nsfw, because it's an account of a dominatrix who is now a "bully boy". I wasn't sure which part to screenshot, because frankly, the entire thing belongs here, the way she talks about her body, gaslit herself out of womanhood because she didn't like the pornified version of womanhood, despite actively participating in it... it's just freaking heartbreaking. I wish I hadn't really read it so here's your warning.

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I found this website while looking for info on sex-repulsion as an identity/facet of asexuality. To the best I can tell this website is devoted to organizing sex parties. So be informed again, the source is nsfw.

This is so needlessly dramatic

Just got around to putting my comment with the source/context, but it's from a former "femme domme" who is now a "bully boy", this is her talking about a photoshoot she did in lingerie while "femme"