God it's so condescending "they probably dont understand why she gets comfort & food and they do not".. like homeless people aren't going to be intensely aware of whichever series of events led them to being on the street.
I've worked with homeless people for years, and while it's true many do have MH issues and are vulnerable adults, some (especially men) do become homeless because of long-term violent and anti-social behaviour which gets them put out of every housing opportunity you get them.
Of course this can be tied in to MH and drug and alcohol, but not always.

Ultimately though, any man who attacks women on the street (and a black woman, no less) can claim to have MH issues.. but that doesn't make him the victim or mean we should brush over the misogynistic/racist opportunism behind these attacks.
What I'm saying is he hasn't attacked her because he sees her as having more power than him, but because he sees her as having less.
Many people like this who supposedly "can't help it" due to stress/MH/D&A use etc. would simply never attack a man of any colour.. but even when supposedly at their most vulnerable, men are still confident in their superiority and power over women. We can't afford to ever forget this, and we can't afford to make excuses when these behaviours do occur.
Male privilege may increase with wealth, health, and class, but even at the bottom of the scale it's still there. No "type" of man should have a free pass to attack women, and no type of man should be seen as trustworthy or safe by default. This should be taught in schools.