He could have killed her! He was overpowering her and bashing her in the head with a fucking metal pipe, and all they can do is drone on about the poor violent man. Where is the concern for what this woman has gone through?!

Violent men get so much sympathy in general. Look at the articles talking about the poor mass shooters who didn’t get enough attention or sex, Tucker Carlson recently blaming mass shootings on “women lecturing men on privilege,” and the cop who said the Atlanta shooter was “having a bad day.”

When a young man on some sports team is punished for rape, they come out to defend him- how it’s such a shame that such a promising young man with his whole life ahead of him is ruined.

When Chris Watts murdered his entire family, people started making videos about how he was so upset because they were living in debt due to his wife’s overspending, and he couldn’t afford to live in “freedom” with his lover, so he snapped. Because he just “couldn’t help it” and had to strangle his pregnant wife, smother his kids, and shove their bodies into oil tanks, poor guy.

There are just endless excuses for violent men.