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Have they ever thought that maybe he's homeless because he's the type of person who would bash someone upside the head with a pipe? 🤔

Not all homeless people are like this, but at least some of them are on the streets because they don't want to live by anybody's rules but their own.

Image Transcription: Twitter

Anthony Cabassa, @ AnthonyCabassa_

GRAPHIC: Olympic Medalist Kim Glass was BRUTALLY ATTACKED by a homeless man in Los Angeles, CA after having lunch with friends. She says the homeless man had some sort of metal pipe. Random acts of violence are rampant with the increasing homeless community, and soft-on-crime DA

[Still from a video showing a young black woman in a yellow t-shirt, from the eyes downwards. The bridge of her nose is split and bleeding.]

I dont know what I'm talking about., @ hacket4

Nobody should be homeless.

anna, @ anna07241365

I don't blame the homeless, I blame the system that took jobs away from people and made them homeless and drug addict

Kali Ma, @ FreeForever1221

The poor are tired of your privilege. They don't understand why you get comfort & food and they do not. It shouldn't be this way ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. Even the Natives had cattle & teepees...

"The poor are getting tired of your privilege."

Okay, then. Time for women to get SERIOUSLY tired of male privilege, then.

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They all know damn well they wouldn’t have said that if she were a man.

So many lefties act like you're a LiTeRaL FaScIsT if you object to mentally ill, intoxicated people roaming the streets, overrunning public parks and libraries, and using public transportation as a mobile homeless shelter. This attitude does nothing to help people who live on the streets. It just makes public services dangerous or even inaccessible to anyone who can't afford a more expensive option.

even the Natives

Just when you think these woke nutjobs can’t get more racist

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"Even the Natives had cattle and teepees."

What do you mean even the Natives...? 😳

You can't be racist when you've placed yourself in charge of defining what racism means.

Even the natives had cattle & teepees...

I love the sheer idiocy radiating from this tweet. The uneducated on Twitter are the loudest, aren't they? To compare the situations of homeless (i.e. men) to what Native Americans -- actually all global indigenous communities -- face is insulting.

Moreover, violence against women ultimately is forgiven if the male perpetrator is pitiful in any way.

Um akshually it's rude and offensive to call them h*meless. The correct term is unhoused

(I've seen this ridiculous correction before. I didn't make it up)

Akshually "unhoused" is offensive because it implies a permanent state. They are "people experiencing houselessness"

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"people experiencing houselessness"

sorry but i roll my eyes every time I hear people (mostly youtubers) use this phrase. Homeless people vs people experiencing houselessness/homelessness. Must we add more syllables when they are essentially using the same words to say the same thing?

What a horrific attack on this woman. He attempted to kill her. He should get a nice home in a cell.

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