Male asylum seekers are exponentially more violent and depraved than their female counterparts. I'll say that shit out loud and give zero fucks.

Do you know what it's like to be a woman in Europe harassed by these "asylum seekers"? They can fuck off. Their wives and daughters can stay because at least we KNOW they had nothing to do with the conflict.

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Can confirm, was gang raped by arab immigrants in France. Since then I honestly give zero fucks about saying "underprivileged" men are still very fucking dangerous and I will NEVER advocate for them, they can die for all I care.

The women though? They're welcome as long as they don't bring rapist and rapist junior (ah yes cause they weren't old either, so much for "we can educate them better here") along.

Sorry for the rage but yeah fuck them. Muslim men, Ukranian men, African men they're all monstrous, just like all the other men. I'm sure they treat the women in their countries like subhuman beings, too.

Yup, there's a reason Canada doesn't take unattached male asylum seekers, they have to have female relatives with them or else it's a no. And wise call because so many of these "noble" young men would just ditch their families in war-torn countries (because it's safer for males to travel) and live a new life in a western country with little or no intention of bringing the rest of the family along. We saw what those Afghan men were doing when women were trying to flee, literally stealing their places in planes. Pathetic cowards.

The more I hear about Canada, the more I want to move North and get the hell out of America.

The picture of the last plane leaving Afghanistan absolutely packed with males and only carrying 3-4 women is still stuck into my brain.

Canada does this better than my european country and this makes me sad

This. FFS bring the women and girls with a fucking plane to europe! Let them come here in GOOD shelters, have them learn the language, get an education AND TEACH THEM ABOUT THEIR RIGHTS. Give them then jobs put the girls in schools and voila. I promise, in one year the country wont have to look for qualified employees and the crime rate will be low af. Win/win.

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What I'm getting from this is that Jason Okundaye has some shady shit in his past he's trying to hide by shielding himself behind talking about how a world-famous athlete recently came forward discussing how he was trafficked as a child.

Sorry, bub, pointing out that men are not women is not in any way the same league as a child being trafficked into a foreign country and forced into modern-day slavery.

What was that steaming pile of shit. Does this guy know how to read?

Grown man acting like he got cooties from a like on Twitter.

What a baby. I'm not sure whether to laugh or shake my head. People are way too fragile and entitled.

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Image Transcription: Twitter

Jason Okund..., @ jasebyjas...

Unlike my tweet right now 🤮 @ jk_rowling

J.K. Rowling


Jason Okundaye, @ jasebyjason

I can’t imagine how psychologically painful it must be for your name to be world famous, and it’s not your name, but the name of another child you didn’t know whose identity you were forced to adopt because you were being trafficked. Every detail of Mo Farrah’s story is harrowing

Jason Okund..., @ jasebyjas...

Imagine I was going to pree her latest nonsense just to see ME in the likes what the hell is this

Jason Okund..., @ jasebyjas...

The same terf principles which hold so-called “biological manhood” as an immutable and predatory category are the same principles which paint male asylum seekers and victims of trafficking as inherent dangers to the nation. She doesn’t get to take a stand on this

It’s wild to me how easy it is to distract some people from their point. But maybe they didn’t want to make the point to begin with, maybe they just wanted attention.