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8 year old son born female

is my huband

Is this... is this transhausen and incest rolled up into one. What the fuck is this

I know you can normally see a bit of the parents in the child but wtf is this


Talks about the devastation he felt when I died

Uh. Me thinks there's a fanfic narrative slip up there

Edit2: The more I think about this the more fucked up it is. So... what, her daughter just. Poof? Is this so-called husband soul completely inhabiting your daughter's body and why aren't "either" of you checking in on how she feels about this? You just... what, had a baby together so it could be a convenient vessel for your husband's soul when he died in the future?

The fuck is this? I'm seriously hoping this is fiction.

I don't think it was a slip up. I caught that too, but when I re-read it, I understood it as they were a couple in a past life for both of them. Not that the kid was her husband in her current life.