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8 year old son born female

is my huband

Is this... is this transhausen and incest rolled up into one. What the fuck is this

I know you can normally see a bit of the parents in the child but wtf is this


Talks about the devastation he felt when I died

Uh. Me thinks there's a fanfic narrative slip up there

Edit2: The more I think about this the more fucked up it is. So... what, her daughter just. Poof? Is this so-called husband soul completely inhabiting your daughter's body and why aren't "either" of you checking in on how she feels about this? You just... what, had a baby together so it could be a convenient vessel for your husband's soul when he died in the future?

The fuck is this? I'm seriously hoping this is fiction.

She doesn't mention the child's father or any current partner, she says the child was her husband in several past lives, i.e. back when she was Cleopatra the daughter was Antony, and when she was Marie Curie, the daughter was Pierre, and when she was Eleanor Roosevelt the daughter was FDR etc. That's why "he" remembers her dying.

This is definitely one of the weirdest and most disturbing tweets I've seen posted here. That poor child.

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Holy shit you're right it doesn't even say that she lost her husband "in this life".

That just went one extra level of disturbing.

Jesus christ it's one of those fictionkin people

I never imagined one of those people actually breeding and making up fanfictions about their actual kid...what a nightmare.